4 reasons to have an Android TV at home

4 reasons to have an Android TV at home

1- Voice searches and commands

TVs have more and more features and nothing is easier than using your own voice to activate them all.

Android TV takes advantage of all Google tools when searching the internet, so it has the best voice search system, allowing the user to spend more time watching what they like than looking for or using the conventional control keyboard .

Connectivity with Google Assistant – one of the 3 most used assistants in the world – offers infinite control possibilities and allows the user to control both TV functions and automation (IoT) devices.

2- Compatibility

Android TVs offer a “single account” option, that is, by logging in with a Google account, the Android Smartphone applications and their settings are synchronized and will be available on the TV.

And, increasingly looking to facilitate interactivity with the TV, Android TVs already have the integrated Chromecast, so that content sharing happens even more simply between your Smartphone and the TV.

3- Applications

With the Google Play online store, Android TVs offer access to a wide range of apps with options ranging from movies, TV shows, viral videos, music streaming, news apps, cookbooks, folder managers, personal trainers to different game options – all from a Google account.

The vast amount of applications along with voice commands make the Android SmartTV experience complete.

4- Interface

As a system created by Google itself, Android TVs have a familiar and intuitive interface.

Several icons present on the home screen are already known by users, which makes the system even easier to use.