4 questions to know your preferences about Linux in 2017


We are going to do another interesting survey so that we can compare it with one we did last year. At the time, we had about 4,500 responses, so we expected something similar to have a fairer comparison.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type of research is to better understand how our audience uses the computer, to understand their preferences for graphical interface and distribution especially, so that the content can better shape the preferences of the readers of the blog. Of course, after we‚Äôve collected enough entries, we‚Äôll make a video on the Diolinux channel to make the comparison and show the results.

OBS: Given the flow of responses, I added two more questions that will be pertinent, I hope you don’t mind.

OBSn²: Recently we had more than 5,000 responses, but our research probably ended up falling into a specific community or group of trolls and ended up falling out of reality, so we have version 2.0 down there that has become more rigid, now it is necessary to log in to reply and only one vote is allowed, unfortunately I will have to collect the emails, so I can know who voted for what.

Remembering that the search is to be done only by fans of the channel and the blog and people who regularly access the channel and the blog. The focus will remain on Linux, Ubuntu, Android and technology, we just want to understand the possibilities.

Thanks for participating and see you next time!