4 free apps for you to better organize your day with iPhone

4 free apps for you to better organize your day with iPhone

Day after day the iPhone has become a very important tool for our day to day. One of the main functions in this regard is the possibility that you can set up appointments, events or to-do lists, and the phone will notify you when the time comes.

The features that Apple itself offers on iOS do, let’s say, basic work. With that, there are several apps on the App Store that do much more than the standard, offering a huge range of features for you to better manage your daily appointments.

With that in mind, today we have compiled for you a list of 4 excellent free applications for this purpose. As there is not much to invent in the features, apps do basically the same thing, some offer a more differentiated feature here and there, etc. In the end, the choice criteria will be your personal preference.

1 – Wunderlist

The main one is Wunderlist, old of war, and it is, without a doubt, one of the main apps on the market. It has a state-of-the-art system for online collaboration, cloud synchronization and organization of tasks into categories – which can be shared with other users.

In short, let’s say you want to make a shopping list for your family in such a way that everyone who needs something can add it to the list. With Wunderlist this is very simple: just have everyone installed the app, create a list and share it with everyone.

Wunderlist: Task List

Wunderlist: Task List

2 – Swipes

Swipe means to slide, and the name of the application already indicates the basic functionality of it. The interface is very simple and beautiful, and you have quick access to create a new task. The main task list has been made so that it is easy and quick to manage reminders. If any task has already been completed, just slide your finger to the right and the item is archived. If you want to send for another time, slide the other way, and the app offers several options for postponement – in 3 hours, tonight, tomorrow, Sunday, in the faith, etc.

The platform is completely free and syncs in the cloud with all your devices. Another advantage is that it can also sync with Evernote.

Swipes - To do & Task list.  Plan & Achieve goals.

Swipes - To do & Task list.  Plan & Achieve goals.


Any.do is another established app and the interface is much simpler and more direct than Wunderlist. Its working concept is based on agility, so just slide your finger down on the home screen to add a task note.

A very interesting feature is the possibility to configure alerts based on location: you choose an address and speak if you want to be notified when you arrive or leave the place.

The interface is also based on gestures, and yet, if you shake the phone, it clears the screen eliminating tasks already completed. In addition, it has online collaboration functions, similar to Wunderlist.

Any.do: Tasks and Calendar

Any.do: Tasks and Calendar


Timeful is an app launched last year by a PhD candidate from Stanford University and a professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University who takes a slightly different approach from other applications on the market as it is based on the science of user usage patterns .

Despite the complexity of the description, the purpose of the app is quite simple: by analyzing your daily schedule, it tries to find free time for you to do things you want to do but that don’t have time in your head – working out, running, reading, swimming , go out with the dog, in short, you choose.

Since the app is free, why not give it a try?

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