4 Best Pandemic Movies on Netflix

4 Best Pandemic Movies on Netflix

Films about pandemics are back in fashion. Whenever an event that we are used to seeing only when watching movies happens in the real world, we are attracted by the idea of ​​watching them.

At first glance, it is a good idea to understand how actions that come from both ordinary citizens and governments impact on contagion. On the other hand, it is always good to remember that films are still fictional cultural socontedos.

Netflix is ​​one of the biggest apps for watching movies and series and has a selection of feature films about pandemics that can help you understand how the coronavirus impacts the lives of families and countries.

Before showing our recommendations, it is worth remembering that it is good to merge these films about pandemics with serious content, created by health authorities. YouTube coronavirus channels can help you with this task.

Now, check out the best pandemic movies available on Netflix below!

1. Epidemic

This 1995 classic puts movie stars like Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo as military doctors who have to deal with a deadly virus transported from Africa to California on a ship. The vector? A simple monkey that came from the continent.

In any list of pandemic films, the epidemic is usually among the most suitable when dealing with the subject. It is worth mentioning that he also received several awards, both for the work as a whole and for the actors present in it.

Click the link to watch Epidemic on Netflix.

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South Korean cinema was the first to win an Oscar for Best Film in 2020, but it is not new that they have brought good films much longer. Influenza is one of those films and one of the ones that comes closest to the current situation of the virus.

In it, a deadly variant of the influenza virus has a high contagion ability and moves through the air reaching a small town very close to the capital Seoul. The film portrays the terrible events of the quarantine imposed on the city, since the virus has a 100% mortality rate. However, it is worth remembering that a virus with this fatality rate has never existed in our history.

Watch the movie on Netflix!

3. I am the legend

A film better known than the others cited here, I Am Legend features Will Smith as the only survivor on the planet, who was plagued by a virus that made humans into a species of monstrous vampires.

With the presence of the Brazilian Alice Braga, the film narrates the search for the survivor for a cure that can bring life back on Earth. Click the link to watch it on Netflix!

4. Zombie Invasion

South Korean cinema especially competent in dealing with films about pandemics and Invaso Zumbi is a good example of this. His footprint is different from the series available on websites to watch movies and series, which makes him so unique amid a flood of cultural products with zombies. "on the cover".

In Invaso Zumbi, an epidemic that turns humans into the undead has hit the country. To escape certain death, a father and his daughter depart on a train bound for the only city that has yet to be affected. The development of the trip, as expected, promises to keep your attention and tension from beginning to end.

Click the link to watch Zombie Invaso on Netflix!

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With the arrival of the Coronavirus, interest in pandemic films becomes inevitable. However, it is worth remembering that they are works of fiction and nothing beats real information.

Remembering them, check out our list of tips and recommendations below so that we can avoid as many tragedies as possible when dealing with this virus that has changed the way we are living in the last few weeks.

  • Clean your hands frequently, especially as soon as you get home;
  • In frequent places clusters;
  • Avoid leaving the house in general, only in unavoidable situations;
  • Sanitize frequently used devices, such as your smartphone;
  • Do not buy masks if you are not showing symptoms. These resources are limited;
  • Don't panic. The alert situation is important to pay attention to, but panic does not help anyone.

What pandemic films have you seen and can you tell us? Feel free to comment and also indicate any Netflix series on the subject!