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4 best options to replace Pou on Android

List rene the best virtual pet programs to replace Pou on Android. Check out!

The virtual pets were a big hit with the kids during the 90s here in Brazil. In turn, after being forgotten for a while, with the popularization of mobile phones, who was also successful was Pou, which took the experience of these virtual pets for mobile and with more news.

Unfortunately, anyone who has an Android phone and was looking for the app last week should have been surprised to find it. To help you, the Digital Look prepared a list of the best virtual pet apps for Android. Check out!

Most virtual pets usually represent animals that do not exist in our world, but there are always some who dream of having a puppy. So here you have access to a charismatic Pug dog named Pepe who will need all your care to stay healthy and happy.

Moy – Free

Moy has a number of games for Android in which all the main goal always take care of your virtual pet. With a slightly reminiscent appearance of Pou, the game is packed with activities and mini games. From the link above, you checked out the newer version of the game, but if you're interested in the others, just check out the developer page on Google Play.


If your first experience with a virtual pet was during the 1990s, you would welcome Wildagotchi. Provided with a similar graphic to the animals of that time, you have 12 types of animals to play with, each of which has its own games and different forms of progress.


The last option on our list features one of the most popular Google Play apps in its category. Here, of course, you need to take care of Chu, who can't do without his daily and music jokes. Also be sure to complete the mini games to free up more clothes and always leave you looking fresh.

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