4.8 Million homes prepared for the new generation Internet

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4.8 million Portuguese homes are prepared to ensure high-speed Internet connections, 800 thousand more than at the end of last year. The figures were released this morning by Anacom.

According to the communications regulator, at the end of the third quarter there were 1.4 million cabled households with fiber optic infrastructures and 3.4 million households prepared to receive new generation services through EuroDOCSIS 3.0 technology, a standard used by operators cable to provide high-speed services. As the data made available by the regulator point out, EuroDOCSIS 3.0 accesses are currently 2.4 times more than accesses wired with optical fiber.

The number of customers who actually take advantage of these technologies is significantly less and does not exceed 225 thousand, against 88 thousand at the end of last year. In this universe, it should be noted that 11,800 accesses belong to non-residential customers, a number that also increased exponentially compared to December 2009, when only 3,800 non-residential accesses were counted.

The regions of Lisbon, Madeira and the North of the country are those where most of the effective access to the new generation networks are concentrated, provided by the 17 operators who at the end of the quarter were registered to install this type of infrastructure.

In Lisbon the figures show that 8.9 out of 100 households have access to this type of Internet access services. The average drops to 6.5 in Madeira and 3.8 in the North. At the national level, the penetration of new generation networks is 3.9 in every 100 residential dwellings.