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$ 4.17 billion: Apple Park is among the most valuable buildings in the world

We talked here about two years ago about the astronomical amount invested by Ma in the construction of the Apple park: $ 5 billion, which put it at the time, as the third most expensive building in the world.

There is a difference, however, between building value and market value while the former refers to the exact amount spent by a person or company to erect something, the latter quantifies the value of that building if its owner decides to sell it. Obviously, Ma does not intend to sell Apple Park or intend to do so for very time, but nevertheless the building is still one of the most valuable in the world.

O San Francisco Chronicle made a survey to estimate the market value of Apple Park and reached an impressive number: $ 4.17 billion. The value refers to the whole construction of the land and everything included in it, such as furniture, equipment, landscaping and whatever. Santa Clara County, which considers only the building itself, evaluates Apple Park at $ 3.6 billion for tax payment.

Alis, what a tax: with county property rates hovering around 1%, Apple is estimated to pay about $ 40 million annually to the state. This, of course, considering the full value of course, such a construction involves a number of tax benefits and counterparts, as we have discussed in several other articles.

The fact that, at $ 4.17 billion, Apple Park easily ranks among the ten most valuable buildings in the world. The holder of the title remains, later, the Great Mosque of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, estimated at about $ 100 billion (!), and second place is also in the holy city of the Middle East is the skyscraper complex. Abraj Al Bait, valued at about $ 15 billion.

When the project's nuclear spindle complex opens, ITER (located in Saint-Paul-ls-Durance, France) also joined this select group with an estimated $ 25 billion. Other buildings in Top 10 include the One World Trade Centerin New York ($ 3.8 billion) and Salesforce Towerin San Francisco ($ 1.7 billion).

About that last one San Francisco Chronicle Here's an interesting fact: even though it has 57 floors, the skyscraper has only about half of Apple Park's four-story office area. Of course, the Ma building is set on dozens of times larger land, but the information makes it clear how space utilization and smart architecture are important factors in the value of a building.

Another curious point: Apple Park's terrain is equivalent to half the area occupied by Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia with the obvious difference that the US Army pays no taxes. 😛

via Cult of Mac