iPod touch (7th generation)

3rd generation iPod touch prototype shows that it almost had a centralized rear camera

We recently commented on an alleged technical layout of the “iPhone 13” that shows the possible arrangement of the device’s rear camera system; even though we don’t know much about the veracity of the information, it shows that Apple is constantly testing changes to its devices.

It does this by developing prototypes, which can reveal the possible characteristics of a future product; as we know, however, not all features present in these test versions are carried over to the final model of a device. Want an example? A prototype of iPod touch third generation, launched in 2009, which had a centralized rear camera which was discarded from the final version allegedly for “technical problems”.

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Images are from the developer Giulio Zompetti, which collects prototypes of Apple devices. As you can see, the device had a camera and microphone centered at the top of the rear, next to the device’s antenna.

The presence of a camera on the back of the third generation iPod touch had already reverberated in 2009, months before the official launch of the device. At the time, it was believed that the images (then leaked) were false; in the end, they actually showed a prototype.

If you’ve been following Apple’s launches for a long time, then you will certainly remember that the implantation of a camera on the iPod touch occurred only in the fourth generation, in 2010, which had a simple 0.7 megapixel – good to know that the cameras of the iGadgets have aged well.

Now, have you ever thought if the rear cameras of iPhones, iPads and iPods touch were centralized? Or, if the front camera was in the corner of the device? The fact is that many things could have happened – and can still happen, as the new product development cycle does not stop!

iPod touch (7th generation)

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