3GSMWorld repeats bet on data speed on mobile networks

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

The main manufacturers are competing to present in 3GSMWorld the highest speed of data access in 3G through HSDPA technology and HSUPA, its equivalent for the uplink.

Now with more space, the main mobile technology fair in Europe transports to Barcelona the main trends already outlined in Cannes last year, with a focus on music and TV content to increase operator revenues in saturated markets.

With more than 962 exhibitors, the fair broke the registration record and expects to receive 50 thousand visitors to see the news in the area of ​​mobile products, services and solutions and to attend the congress that takes place in parallel with the exhibition.

Solutions for emerging markets, with great growth potential but where operators have less investment capacity and the potential for revenue per user (ARPU) is lower, are also part of the bet of manufacturers, who promise more flexible solutions, many implemented just based on software, as is the case with Alcatel.

The French manufacturer also claims the merit of having achieved the fastest speed in HSDPA, reaching 14.4 Mbps in terms of central equipment when other competitors achieve stable communications at only 1.6 Mbps.

With the new acronym HSUPA to accompany the speed increase in the data network, but this time in the uplink, Alcatel also advances with an integrated solution for Mobile TV where the user enjoys the possibility of sending heavy content produced on the mobile phone, such as short videos, to central servers.

As it should be, the solutions and new technologies are accompanied by equipment that allows to put the services on the market, but only more towards the end of the first semester.

The usual suspects presented several pieces of equipment, but interestingly the number of news in this area also seems to decrease from year to year.

GSM Association development fund

Also thinking about emerging markets, the GSM Association took advantage of the event to launch the Development Fund initiative.

In the 2005 edition, the association had already promoted the development of cheaper terminals for developing countries, but now the idea is that operators participating in this program donate 50 cents to a fund that will promote mobile technology projects.

in communities that previously had no access to communications.

The initiative will be accompanied by a Development Fund Board that brings together CEOs of some companies and who are part of the GSM Association.

The project has been in a pilot phase since October 2005, integrating operators from eight countries in Asia and Africa.

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