3G with 100 million new subscribers

تمنع البرازيل بيع الهواتف المحمولة المحظورة على شبكة المشغلين

In the twelve months ending at the end of the third quarter of this year, 100 million new subscribers have joined the global base of third generation mobile subscribers, with HSPA technology. The number is still low when included in the total growth recorded for the GSM and HSPA technologies together, but it reveals an accelerating growth in this evolution of GSM.

Globally, September’s figures revealed a total of 3.4 billion users of GSM or HSPA technologies, of which 688 million were new GSM users achieved over the past year.

Informa Telecom & Media figures point to yet another trend in the analysis of the mobile market over the past year. The document reveals that GSM technologies are gaining more and more ground over CDMA technologies, which at the end of October totaled 463 million subscribers worldwide.