3G networks support 1.485 million video calls between January and March

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In the first quarter of the year, the three third generation mobile networks in Portugal supported a total of 1.485 million video calls.

These communications using the image were carried out by 1.281 million mobile users who in the period used third generation services and generated 2.862 million minutes of traffic.

According to data released today by Anacom, the number of users who in the first quarter of the year used third generation services at least once represents a 10 percent share of total mobile subscribers (12.4 million).

Still regarding the first quarter of the year, the regulator states that among 3G users, 265,437 accessed the Internet, generating a total of 45.570 million connections web and a total of 732.984 million megabits of traffic.

For the same period, 12.230 million MMS sent were recorded.

Since the launch of third generation services in 2004, 2.462 million mobile users have used third generation networks.

Internet access via the mobile network was a reality for 570 thousand subscribers.

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