3G coverage on the train does not exceed 89%

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A study carried out by Anacom to assess the quality of mobile communications on the railway network concluded that in GSM the coverage guaranteed by the three operators is more satisfactory than in 3G, although in both cases the coverage rates are always above 84 percent.

The data show that in GSM TMN is the operator that guarantees the best coverage rates, with the network ensuring communications on 89.3 percent of the Braga-Porto-Lisbon-Faro axis. Optimus presents the best results in 3G, guaranteeing coverage of 89.4 percent, a figure that is slightly ahead of the indexes presented by competitors TMN, with 87.2 percent, and Vodafone, with 84.4 percent.

In GSM the values ​​are globally higher, with Optimus guaranteeing network coverage in 87.2 percent of the railway axis and Vodafone in 87.3 percent.

Anacom’s survey also found that on the Lisbon-Braga axis, TMN is the operator with the best levels of accessibility and call termination, with 95 and 94 percent respectively. Optimus has the worst results with coverage levels in the order of 80 percent and termination rates of 78 percent.

The situation is reversed on the Lisbon – Faro axis, where Optimus is the one with the best results, both in outgoing calls and ended calls. In both cases, the operator reaches 96 percent against 89 and 86 percent of competitors TMN and Vodafone.

The document analyzes not only the coverage of mobile networks on the railway axes but also on the main urban areas and road axes. In these areas of larger population, the conclusions point to satisfactory coverage rates. In GSM, the values ​​already determined in the 2006 study are maintained, which bring the coverage of the three operators close to 100 percent, without major differences, while in 3G improvements are detected, above all for TMN, which in the previous analysis lost in the quality of communications in urban areas for Optimus and Vodafone and has now managed to get closer to competitors.

With regard to 3G, the study attributes Vodafone the best results when it comes to establishing video calls. TMN has the lowest results. In the analysis concerning the quality of the video call, the three operators present similar results.

The results of the study were released on Saturday, the day when CP and mobile operators signed an agreement aimed at an investment of one million euros in improving mobile coverage on the railway section.

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