3D TVs from Toshiba launched in Q3

3D TVs from Toshiba launched in Q3

Toshiba today announced that it will launch in the third quarter of the year – July / September – its first televisions with 3D technology. The Japanese manufacturer had already shown interest in the three dimensions in the living room, but until now plans were only known to launch high-end equipment based on the Cell processor – the same that is at the base of the PS3 – that allows you to convert images to two dimensions in three-dimensional images.

At an event this morning in Barcelona, ​​he revealed that, before the arrival of the Cell TV line, already scheduled for the last quarter of the year, he will launch the line of LED TV equipment WL 768. Prices have not yet been revealed.

The new 3D lines are expected to arrive in Portugal before the end of the year. In the case of the first planned launch, LED TV WL, the local launch should also happen during the third quarter.

In the presentation that targeted 33 products between cameras, laptops and TVs, Toshiba also showed new televisions certified for Windows 7. Compatibility with the latest version of the Microsoft operating system opens the range of content integration options, underlined Marco Perino.

The person in charge of this business area also foresees an increasing expression of LED technologies in the television market and presented company estimates that indicate that 40% of LCD TVs sold in the market in the last quarter of the year should already support the technology. The continued decline in prices will be one of the determining factors.

With regard to 3D, the brand’s estimates indicate that 64 percent of Europeans are interested in having 3D at home, a percentage that rises to 76 percent when the question is posed to users who have already watched 3D movies at the cinema.

Cristina A. Ferreira

In Barcelona, ​​at the invitation of Toshiba