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3D Touch really has everything to be abandoned by Apple

Rumors about death of the 3D Touch It's not just now. By mid-2018, for example, we had already commented on this possibility; A few days ago, a Barclays analyst corroborated the information, saying that the 2019 iPhones will not come with the technology.

The 3D Touch

3D Touch is nothing more than a feature in iPhones (6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS and XS Max) that broadens the possibilities for interaction. You can, for example, press a link received in Mail to preview the site in question; While browsing the hundreds / thousands of images you have in the Photos app, you can lightly press to view one and press harder to open it; in an app cone on the home screen, you can press outside to access its shortcuts; Finally, the possibilities are many.

We have already posted some interesting 3D Touch tips, which you can check out below:

But the fact that 3D Touch is only present on iPhones you do not have the hardware responsible for the feature implemented on iPads. Also, when it launched the iPhone XR, Apple created what it called Haptic Feedback (which basically “replicates” the 3D Touch experience without having to press the screen off, replacing this gesture with a long press).

Want an example? On 3D Touch iPhones, you can press hard on top of the notification to expand it and interact with it (in the case of a message, for example, replying to it); On the iPhone XR, this is possible by simply pressing and holding down the notification.

Obviously, there are some limitations in this regard. It is not possible, for example, to do what Apple calls Peek & Pop (which I suggested above in the navigation in the Photos app); It is also not currently possible to access the shortcuts present in the app icons (another example above). Interestingly, however, some of these limitations are being "fixed" by iOS 13 / iPadOS 13.

What changes with iOS 13

On the pages where it comments all the news of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, Apple says the following:

PeekView email messages, web links, and more simply by pressing and holding to see a suggestion of the content.

Quick actionsHold down an application icon to quickly perform application-specific actions.

With these implementations, Apple is bringing almost all the experience that was previously possible with the use of 3D Touch to all iPads and iPhones SE and XR using the long touch. This implementation corroborates the idea that future iPhones will even abandon 3D Touch after all, on iOS 13, it will be possible to do almost everything that 3D Touch allows today without the need for an extra sensor.

Again: not the same experience. Instant 3D Touch, while Haptic Feedback requires you to touch and hold for 1-2 seconds to get the same action. For app icons, for example, you will need to touch and hold for even longer if you want to put them in rearrange mode (when the icons are shaking).

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For those interested, we have already told the story of the creation of 3D Touch and all the engineering needed to get it out of paper.

via MacRumors