Blood pressure test on iPhone X

3D Touch can be used to measure blood pressure

Last week, we were introduced to the Apple Watch Series 4, which, as we highlighted, has a new sensor capable of performing an electrocardiogram (EGC) – already released by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the “Anvisa americana”.

To obtain FDA clearance, Apple had to provide data from a study that proved the effectiveness of the new sensor, as well as proving that it poses no risk to the user’s health. In this survey, the company showed that the new Watch has about 98% accuracy in detecting atrial fibrillation, one of the main causes of heart failure and stroke.

In addition to the Apple, other manufacturers are also implementing more and more resources aimed at the health of their customers in gadgets, with smartwatches and hybrid watches at the top of this product line. Even the accessories for these devices are increasingly focused on health care, such as KardiaBand, a bracelet for the Watch that can detect episodes of atrial fibrillation and even hyperkalaemia.

It is natural to say that manufacturers and researchers in the health area will continue to develop products and techniques that further advance in the prevention of diseases, mainly related to the heart. As disclosed by Wall Street Journal, it will soon be possible to take a blood pressure reading using the iPhone It’s from Apple Watch, using – look at – the 3D Touch.

Basically, a team of researchers developed an application for the iPhone X that guides the user to support their finger on a region of the screen to calculate blood pressure. The method, called oscillometric finger pressing (or oscillometric pressure of the finger, in free translation), is capable of measuring the amplitude of the oscillations of the blood volume through the pressure applied by the person on the screen and the sensors of the front camera TrueDepth (present in the iPhones X, XS and XR).

Blood pressure test on iPhone X

As expected, the results obtained in the application were less accurate when compared to the traditional test, in which the measurement is made on the arm. However, researcher Dr. Mukkamala stated that the result is equivalent to those of devices that use the same technique, that is, that measure blood pressure from the finger – some of these products were even released by the FDA for this measurement, but are mainly used in research.

Despite being created for the iPhone, the app could also be used on the Apple Watch, which also has 3D Touch technology (however, on it, called Force Touch). Another hope highlighted by WSJ is that Apple develops a technology to measure blood sugar level in a non-invasive way, something fundamental for people diagnosed with diabetes – however, some experts said that this is a more complicated proposal.

via 9to5Mac