3D movies for PS3 with a set date

ينمو الاهتمام العالي وثلاثي الأبعاد بين الأوروبيين

PlayStation 3 can now be used as if it were a Blu-ray disc player for films and 3D images as of September 21. This was the date set for making the promised software update available, which expands the range of content to three dimensions that users will have access to.

The novelty was advanced today by one of the company’s executives, at the anticipation conference of the Tokyo international video game fair – Tokyo Game Show 2010. September had already been identified as the probable month, on a date that represents an anticipation of the company’s initial plans , which aims to take advantage of the moment of general interest experienced by 3D, explained Hiroshi Kawano.

Since April, the console has 3D capabilities, but only with regard to 3D games, with the first titles already available. The next update of firmware marks the passage to the possibility of viewing films and music videos in Blu-ray format in three dimensions, with the extension to the 3D photographs promised for later.

«The interest and impact of the games will definitely be reinforced with 3D technology,» said the official, quoted by the Associated Press, during the presentation.

Although the next update brings features to the console that equate it to a Blu-ray player prepared for 3D content, this will not ensure all the capabilities of dedicated devices. Although it is able to reproduce the films in three dimensions «without problems», some parts of the menu and small parts of the DVDs will only be presented in 2D, the company warned.