3D Internet with new plug-in

3D Internet with new plug-in

Making Internet browsing a more fun and three-dimensional experience is the goal of ExitReality, an Australian company that officially launches today plug-in that allows you to view several pages in 3D.

THE software it is free and turns any conventional website into virtual rooms, navigable through avatars that take the user’s place.

The company’s founder, Danny Stefanic, tells the Australian press that ExitReality 3D users can install the plug-in on Internet Explorer, Firefox and the brand new Chrome, from then on, visit 40 billion virtual sites, including MySpace profiles or YouTube video pages, which are now presented as rooms lounge and amphitheaters, respectively.

A particularity of this software it is the possibility for users to «bump» and start chatting with other avatars while browsing the same pages, which extends the concept of the Second Life virtual platform to the whole of cyberspace.

The concept of the 3D web is a project that Danny Stefanic has had for 13 years, when he shared the idea with other experts, who have been working since then with a view to creating a tool that would make the Internet a more real space.

ExitReality is free, has a weight of 3.7 MB and takes about 20 seconds to install.

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