3D images arrive at home cinema in 2010

3D images arrive at home cinema in 2010

In January next year, at the CES – Consumer Electronic Show, the first Blu-ray digital video player with 3D support should be shown. In the middle of the year the technology hits stores and at that time it is likely that some of the great 3D hits now in cinemas, such as Avatar, will be launched in a version that can be seen on these new media.

The forecasts are from the Blu-ray Disc Association, which announced an agreement to adopt the standard that has long been prepared to bring three-dimensional images to home cinema, with more quality than is possible today in the experiences that are being carried out.

The equipment that will support the standard will now offer two images in high definition (1080p) to create the effect, guaranteeing support for 3D, but also maintaining the possibility of reading images in two dimensions.

Yesterday another important news in this area was also announced. An issue that also has to be overcome to bring the quality of 3D already possible in movie theaters closer to the 3D offered at home is the glass of the screens.

To address this issue, Sony announced a partnership with ReaID, the company responsible for the 3D technology used in more than 5,000 cinemas. The agreement provides for the company to manufacture screens with identical characteristics, in line with the Japanese manufacturer’s definitions.