3D games come to PS3

سوني تريد بيانات من أولئك الذين شاهدوا الهروب من السجن PS3

Sony has kept its promise and has already made the first three-dimensional games available for the latest version of its game console. THE firmware that upgraded the console to the new possibility had already been released. The games were promised for June and are coming now, along with a playable demo.

WipeOut HD, Super Stardust HD, PAIN and MotorStorm Pacific (in demo version) are the titles that mark the entry of PS3 into the era of three dimensions and have been announced alongside new Sony Bravia TVs, with the same 3D features. Anyone who already has the games in question can count on a free update to version 3 D, with the exception of Pain, which will be paid for upgrade and is only available for some levels.

To enjoy the new 3D video games, the user must have not only the game adapted to the technology, but also the console and the television itself.

By the end of the year, Sony promises to release around two dozen games with 3D attributes, including Killzone 3. The update that brings 3D to the Blu-ray player is also promised, allowing films in this format to gain access to technology .

The day after the arrival of 3D actually on PS3 (the console was already prepared but the games have only just arrived) rumors circulate in the international press that give a certain further drop in the console’s price to $ 200.

The information is based on a price published by Sony in an area of ​​its website dedicated to 3D. In the area where it lists products compatible with the technology, Sony referred to the PS3 with prices starting at $ 199, for the United States, as reported by several technology sites that collected the image of the site with the information in question.

The company has already rectified the information – it can now be read with prices starting at $ 299 – but the rumor is out and it is believed that it can turn into confirmed information in one of the largest game fairs in the world, scheduled for the next week, E3.