38 aplicativos para ganhar dinheiro na internet

38 apps to make money on the internet

There are several ways and tips to make money on the internet. Some of them require the investment of money or effort. The apps for making money on the internet that we brought in this article, however, only require that you have the app installed on your phone and follow the instructions to start making extra income from your smartphone.

These apps make it possible for you to earn money online in a variety of ways, such as taking surveys, viewing advertisements or allowing you to do freelance work without needing a computer.

So that you have many options and can find the best one for you, we have brought this list with a wide variety of applications to make money on the internet. Most will be available for Android, iPhone and iPad, but we will indicate when we are talking about an exclusive app.

To begin, we will show the applications of affiliate platforms, ideal for those who think about making money by producing content on the internet.

Check it out below and start writing down which ones you are going to install first to start working at home from your phone!

1. Mliuz

One of the first cashback apps, Mliuz rewards its users when they shop online at partner stores. This reward given in the form of “money back”, better known ascashback.

By activating the app and accessing one of the partner stores, you enable thecashback on the purchase. Each store returns a specific percentage, which is between 0.5% and 5% normally. Eventually special offers appear, returning a higher percentage.

Sign up for Mliuz from the link to start experimenting and take advantage of cashback offers!

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<h2>2. Eduzz</h2>
<p>If you have aspirations to work as a blogger or content producer, you need to know affiliate marketing. In this modality of marketing, you learn to develop content with the purpose of indicating your base of followers products that pay a commission for the sale through the link.</p>
<p>There is no lack of platforms for this and Eduzz is one of the main ones. What makes your focus on digital educational products so special. In addition to referring online courses to your followers on Instagram and other social networks, you can create your own course and use the platform to sell it.</p><div class='code-block code-block-6' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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That is, regardless of whether you want to develop your own online course or help others to find the ideal, Eduzz is one of the applications to earn money on the internet that will give you great potential for profit.

Download the app on your Android or iPhone.

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3. Hotmart Pocket

Like Eduzz, Hotmart Pocket is the application of one of the largest affiliate platforms in the world. Unlike the previous example, the variety of digital products to be a bigger affiliate, is not limited to the educational area.

The app will allow you to consult the products available for membership, as well as track your sales and see the approved links to start selling on your blog, email list or social media.

To be able to do all this, just download the app on AndroidAndroid and register!

4. Udemy

Do you have a specific skill or knowledge and want to pass it on to others? You can create an online course and sell it on Udemy! The platform allows you to send your course videos, track your sales and manage the classes from your smartphone or tablet without any problems.

In addition, you can even enroll in courses that you found interesting, not just one of the applications to earn money on the internet. Download Udemy on your Android or iPhone right now!

5. Monetizze

Another of the great affiliate platforms, Monetizze has an application to generate your sales links, which can be included in your posts for Instagram or any other media. It is worth mentioning that you can either create digital products and register them for your affiliates to sell them, or you will be the affiliate yourself, selling products according to the audience that follows your content.

To start using Monetizze, just download the app on your Android or iPhone.

Next, see the apps to make money on the internet by taking surveys or performing simple activities.

6. Google Opinion Rewards

The Google search app sends out questionnaires to its users, rewarding them when they respond on time. To start using it, just download the app and log in with your Google account.

The revs that the money you receive when answering surveys cannot be withdrawn to a digital bank account. In fact, it can only be used on items in the Google Play Store.

Still, an excellent way to get paid games for free on Android. To start using Google Opinion Rewards, click on the link below.

7. CashPirate

A survey and testing application, CashPirate presents you with free games, in addition to opinion polls and free testing of various products. All of these activities generate points in your system.

When accumulated, these points can be converted into cash, transferred by PayPal or by purchasing gift cards. In addition, when referring friends to the app, you earn extra points every time they also score.

Click the link to download CashPirate on your Android.

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<h2>8. CashApp</h2>
<p>Allowing you to earn money from simple tasks like viewing video ads and testing applications for Android, which makes the CashApp interesting that paying in dollars. That is, even a small amount can be significant for your budget.</p>
<p>The application highlights that the payment made in cash, not in discount coupons or credits, as it happens in Google Opinion Rewards. Payment is transferred via PayPal, and you must have an account with the service.</p>
<p>Click the link to download CashApp on Android.</p>
<h2>9. Big Time</h2>
<p>Do you like simple games? So how about making money playing various games? Big Time is a unique app that puts in front of you a number of simple and fun games that yield tickets for sweepstakes.</p>
<p>You play, find the ticket and register it for drawing in the app. When you win, you can withdraw your money to a PayPal account. Learn more about Big Time by downloading it exclusively for Android.</p>
<h2>10. PiniOn</h2>
<p>Like Google Opinion Rewards, PiniOn is an online survey app that rewards those who answer surveys. Unlike him, however, the real money reward, allowing you to withdraw it to your digital bank account by accumulating R $ 30.00 in rewards.</p>
<p>Before the docoronavirus pandemic, PiniOn also relied on local surveys, in which you should go to a store or service provider and evaluate the service, as if you were a hidden customer. That is, when things return to normal, we will possibly see this modality return.</p>
<p>To start answering surveys on PiniOn, download the app on Android or iPhone.</p>
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