370 thousand Magellan «emigrated»

370 thousand Magellan "emigrated"

JP Sá Couto has already exported almost as many units from Magalhães as those that were acquired to national schools during the previous academic year. But if 400 thousand computers were sold in the e-school program, abroad this number may soon be exceeded.

Speaking to Diário de Notícias, João Paulo Sá Couto, manager of the Portuguese company, says that, in 2009, 370 thousand units of version one and two of the notebook were sold, 350 thousand of which to Venezuela and 20 thousand to Russia, Namibia , Angola, Brazil, Spain and Mozambique.

Altogether, the company has already invoiced 70 million euros this year, of which 69 million in Venezuela, whose contract provides for the acquisition of a total of one million computers.

Of version two of Magalhães, the MG2, only a few units were sold to Spain, Brazil and Russia. For Venezuela, Mozambique, Angola and Namibia, but the company manager expects that all States that have so far purchased Magalhães will later acquire the most current version.

João Paulo Sá Couto also predicts that international business will assume an increasing weight in the company’s annual results. «In 2010, it may even be higher than what is invoiced in the national market», he admits, adding that the company has already submitted applications for tenders in other countries, namely in Latin America, and does not exclude the possibility of selling Magalhães to Algeria.

JP Sá Couto expects to reach a turnover of 216.2 million euros at the end of this year.

Over here, Magalhães remains involved in controversy, due to the lack of public tender in the award of the deal. The topic has already been taken to the Assembly, and the European Government has also requested a clarification from the European Commission.

The controversy does not move the assembler, who in the meantime confirmed that he is in the race to supply computers to students in the First Cycle, with Magalhães 2.