350 Thousand Magalhães in Venezuela by the end of the year

Youtsu rules out influence on the definition of Magalhães specifications

A JP Sá Couto official told Lusa agency today that by the end of the year the company will deliver 350,000 Magalhães to Venezuela. According to the information, which TeK meanwhile also confirmed, during the month of August 150 thousand pieces of equipment will be delivered in that country of the American continent. The remaining 200,000 arrive in Venezuela by the end of the year.

TeK awaits a response from JP Sá Couto in order to understand what reasons justify the delays in the delivery of the equipment, since the date of signature of the agreement was expected that the first 250,000 Magalhães would arrive in Venezuela in the first months of 2009.

It is recalled that the agreement, which was signed between the president of the country and the Portuguese Government, on the official visit of the head of state to Portugal, also provides for the local production of equipment, to carry out part of the order for a million computers made at height.

In Venezuela the Magalhães will be called Canaima and support software 100 percent customized in the country, from a Linux distribution.

Editorial note: The news was changed to specify that the operating system of Magalhães to be distributed in Venezuela is not 100 percent developed in the country, but 100 percent customized in the country, as TeK had already mentioned this week.