32-bit Linux distros say goodbye to new LibreOffice

The first beta release of LibreOffice 6.3 confirms a decision that many already expected. The end of 32-bit support for Linux users.

Famous among Linux users, a great alternative to Microsoft Office, the LibreOffice suite succeeds and comes standard on most distributions. A next version is coming, LibreOffice 6.3, however, not all users will be able to enjoy the latest releases.

libreoffice-linux-processor-32bits-64bits-the-documentpfoudation-tdf-ms-microsoft-office-word-powerpoit-excel Version 6.3 is still in beta, however, several improvements are among the plans of the The Document Foundation. Additional performance, feature and tool improvements are expected in the next release. In addition to improving compatibility with other office formats. It is noticeable that as time goes on, more software and systems begin to abandon older architectures such as 32-bit processors. The PTO change is not arbitrary, much less a surprise. After all, in software version 6.2 release notes, the possibility was considered.

Binary versions of Linux x86 (32-bit) will be discontinued. There will be no versions of Linux x86 produced by TDF after 6.2. This does not mean that compatibility with Linux x86 is removed..


Gradually 32 bits is finally no longer supported!

Not surprisingly, various software is starting to abandon the 32-bit (x86-32) architecture. Ubuntu's mainstream version no longer has the 32-bit version, Google Chrome lost support in 2016 and recently Xubuntu also made the list. Due to its limitations its successor began to become popular in the market, and hardly if it acquired a computer from 2010, its 32-bit processor. Unfortunately when owning dated hardware, the solution is obvious. Upgrade or be required to use older versions of LibreOffice.

The world's most famous document suite is in beta, so if you're curious (and know what you're doing), you can download ver 6.3 on this link. Do you use any computer with a 32-bit processor? Until recently I had one, very old (). Be part of our Diolinux Plus forum and stay on top of news.

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