More than 1,800 job offers via Universia in 2010

300 Qualified jobs starting today at Bolsa Universia

More than 1,800 job offers via Universia in 2010

Another edition of the Universia Virtual Employment Exchange kicks off at 13.30 today. The initiative is already in its 5th edition with the aim of helping recent graduates to find qualified work, at a fair held entirely online.

In the edition that starts today and will continue until the 6th of December, 300 job vacancies are available, for now, provided by the 35 participating entities.

One of the main novelties of this winter will be the focus on a new cycle of debates taking place during the fair, based on axes such as employment and entrepreneurship.

ANJE, Jason Associates, ERA, Easy Bus and Santander Totta are some of the companies with a guaranteed presence at the event, alongside several universities, and also with guaranteed intervention in the agenda debates during the event.

From the sum of previous editions of this virtual job exchange, 3,300 qualified job vacancies are already available.

The online address that hosts the initiative, where it is possible to contact proposals and leave the curriculum, is accessible from 13:30.