30 Portuguese companies already use Windows 7

Gartner advises companies to move to Windows 7 by 2012

Within the program of early adopters that TeK had already talked about, about 30 Portuguese companies are already in the final phase of migration to the new Windows 7, which will be launched commercially today at midnight, although many users already live with them on the day the day.

According to data from Microsoft, Windows7 had 120,000 downloads of the trial versions, and around 10,000 DVDs were also distributed to customers and partners. With these the work started a long time ago, which will allow to have Portuguese computers with Windows 7 for sale in stores and applications compatible with the new operating system tomorrow.

Among the companies that are already in the final phase of migration to Windows 7 include EDP, YDreams and Link, among three dozen who decided to move forward earlier with the adoption of the operating system.

It is recalled that the adhesion of companies to Windows Vista was one of the problems that Microsoft faced with the latest version of the operating system, caused in large part by the non-compatibility with old applications that ran on Windows XP, a problem that the Redmond company struggled to resolve effectively in Windows 7.

Microsoft’s goal is to now be able to migrate the entire installed base of companies running Windows Vista to Windows 7 and at least half of the installed base of Windows XP in 3 years.