30% of executives believe that the Technological Plan does not benefit companies

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A study carried out by Accenture in partnership with SAP and commissioned from the School of Management and Business, called ¬ęBusiness Management in 2007¬Ľ, shows that national executives are more optimistic and believe that the competitiveness of Portuguese companies has improved in the domestic market over the last year.

This change is pointed out by 73 percent of respondents as a reflection of the business mindset. For their part, those who believe the situation has worsened point to political and economic measures as the main cause.

With regard to the foreign market, the optimism of entrepreneurs is more expressive, with more than half of managers (57 percent) believing that competitiveness has improved. In contrast, only 17 percent of respondents believe the situation has worsened.

The same study also indicates that, in 2007, the improvement of human resources and the provision of better quality services were decisive for the success of companies. This opinion was given by 55 percent of respondents, on both factors, and contrasts with the most observed response in 2006, when prices and costs were the most important (63 percent of responses).

Research and development, staff qualification and productivity were mentioned as the aspects that will stand out the most in the future within Portuguese companies.

In addition to observing significant growth with regard to environmental concerns among companies ‚Äď from 7 percent in 2006 to 34 percent this year ‚Äď the data collected also shows ¬ęan increasing independence from the private business sector, attested by about 73 percent of respondents who consider that the aspect that less importance will acquire in the future of national companies is that of relations with the Public Administration, followed by industrial relations, with 49 percent, financing , with 34 percent and social and corporate responsibility with 31 percent of the managers‚Äô responses.

It should be noted that 30 percent of respondents say that the contribution of the Technological Plan for the improvement of companies is almost nil or average (56 percent). As such, in the scope of the recommendations to the Government, the executives refer that the simplification of the procedures will be the most important measure to be carried out by the public administration, with Simplex taking the path in this direction.

In terms of investments in operational capabilities, it was found that investment in business information systems (83 percent), ¬ębusiness-specific information systems¬Ľ (79 percent) and ¬ęprocess automation and computerization¬Ľ ( 78 percent). Financial services companies were the most prominent in their preference for investing in ¬ębusiness IS¬Ľ (86 percent), while Industry highlights ¬ęprocess reengineering¬Ľ (54 percent).

The promotion of the image of Portugal in the international economic sectors was considered the most appropriate measure to promote the internationalization of Portuguese companies was considered by the executives.

Finally, when asked about the sectors with the greatest regression in Portugal, activities in the primary sector, such as agriculture and fishing, continue to show the highest figures, with 74 percent and 63 percent respectively.

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