30 new commands to test with Alexa at Christmas and New Year

30 new commands to test with Alexa at Christmas and New Year

December is here, and with it the countdown to Christmas and New Year. THE Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, also loves the holidays and is about to make her life so much easier. Especially now that some Echo line devices are available for purchase here in Brazil.

Thinking of the holiday season, Amazon has released a list of special commands that can be used from December 2 to December 31. According to the company, “you can have fun with music and stories, discover curious facts of the season, get practical tips, get typical recipes, access theme games, get help with Christmas holiday preparations, and even get an extra little girl to brighten up. Christmas tree".

See below for the commands and when they will be released.


  • Command: “Alexa, how to decorate a Christmas tree?”
  • Description: Do you know how to decorate the Christmas tree? Ask Alexa and she teaches you.


  • Command: “Alexa, put‘ Christmas dinner with friends ’on my calendar”Description: Sync your calendar from Google, iCloud or Outlook / Hotmail and then ask Alexa to add events or check your upcoming appointments this holiday season. s follow these steps:
  1. In the Alexa app, go to “Settings” and then “Calendar”.
  2. Select your calendar provider.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to give Alexa access to your calendar.

After completing the sync just ask: “Alexa, what do I have on my calendar today?”


  • Command: “Alexa, Ask Latam Travel Destinations” (requires Skills activation in Alexa mobile app)
  • Description: Haven't decided where to travel yet? This Skill helps in choosing destinations in Brazil and abroad.


  • Command: “Alexa, what is the cinema schedule for the weekend?”
  • Description: Alexa can inform you about the cinema schedule for the next days.


  • Command: “Alexa, imitate Santa Claus”
  • Description: Have fun with your children by asking her to imitate Santa Claus. Alexa has a number of different responses to this request.


  • Command: "Alexa, what are the names of Santa's reindeer?"
  • Description: Do you only know Rodolfo, the red-nosed reindeer? Ask Alexa what they call Santa's reindeer.


  • Command: “Alexa, remind me to buy Christmas presents”
  • Description: December is a busy month and so you do not forget anything important, ask Alexa to remind you to buy gifts, schedule holiday trips, pay insurance, among other tasks.


  • Command: “Alexa, ask Santa to tell me a curiosity
  • Description: Get into the Christmas mood and learn from your children more about this worldwide date.


  • Command: "Alexa, who is Santa Claus?"
  • Description: Have you ever wondered what Santa's story is? Alexa is your best ally for information on the subjects that interest you.


  • Command: “Alexa, turn on the Christmas lights
  • Description: For this you only need an Alexa device, a smart plug and the Christmas lights. Plug the Christmas lights into the plug and set the routine in the Alexa app to turn on the smart plug via an activation phrase (which can be “Alexa, turn on the Christmas lights!”).


  • Command: “Alexa, tell a Christmas story”
  • Description: Among the many original stories told by Alexa, there are some about Christmas and, especially, about the Christmas spirit.


  • Command: "Alexa, what do you want to earn for Christmas?"
  • Description: Find out what Alexa is going to ask from Santa Claus.


  • Command: “Alexa, play Christmas music”
  • Description: Listen to festive music to get in the mood.


  • Command: “Alexa, sing a Christmas song”
  • Description: Alexa sings a number of original songs, among them one about a very tropical surfer Santa Claus.


  • Command: “Alexa, Ask Everything Hot for a Christmas Turkey Recipe” (requires activation of the Skills on Alexa's mobile app)
  • Description: Next supper date, choose your recipes for Christmas.


  • Command: “Alexa, tell me about Christmas”
  • Description: Alexa enters the Christmas spirit and tells a special story with characters dear and known by children.


  • Command: “Alexa, how's the traffic?
  • Description: December is a month of heavy traffic. Ask Alexa how is the traffic situation so you can plan before leaving home. s follow the steps:
  1. In the Alexa app, tap the menu icon in the upper left corner, choose “Settings” and in the “Alexa Preferences” section, tap “Traffic”.
  2. Enter the address of your home and work and save.
  3. Ask how traffic is at work or at home.


  • Command: “Alexa, watch Modern Love on Prime Video”
  • Description: Got an Echo Show 5? Ask Alexa to play Love Modern and other series and movies on Prime Video while wrapping gifts.


  • Command: "Alexa, who are Santa's helpers?"
  • Description: Did you know that Santa has a lot of helpers to prepare for Christmas? Ask Alexa and find out who is part of this team.


  • Command: “Alexa, put ham on my shopping list”
  • Description: Don't risk forgetting something important for Christmas dinner when you go to the market. Alexa helps you keep track of your shopping list.


  • Command: “Alexa, how many hours is left for Christmas?”
  • Description: Start the countdown for Christmas, ask Alexa how many hours left.


  • Command: “Alexa, Open Corn Show” (requires Skills activation on Alexa mobile app)
  • Description: Need ideas for entertaining kids while preparing Christmas decorations? The Corn Skill Show will challenge everyone's knowledge.


  • Command: “Alexa, call mom”
  • Description: Time to wish happy holidays to your distant family and friends who have an Echo device via Drop In or voice and video calls. Remember that you need to have them as contacts in your Alexa app (under "Communicate" and then "Contacts").


  • Command: “Alexa, then Christmas”
  • Description: A humorous response from Alexa to the refra of music that became a kind of informal Christmas anthem in Brazil.


  • Command: “Alexa, how do you say Merry Christmas in Japons?”
  • Description: Ask Alexa for Merry Christmas in other languages: German, French, Italian and Mandarin.


  • Command: “Alexa, look for video games on Amazon”
  • Description: Forgot to buy gifts for your family members? Ask Alexa to look for the best options on the Amazon site. If you are a Prime customer, you can even complete the purchase by voice command.


  • Command: “Alexa, ask the Guide of the Week what movie premieres are” (requires Skills activation on Alexa mobile app)
  • Description: Enjoy the holidays or the weekend to enjoy a movie with your friends or family. Just ask the programming and Alexa gives you the information.


  • Command: “Alexa, show the door”
  • Description: Are you leaving on holiday? If you have compatible cameras, Alexa helps you take care of your home while away. You can check the front door camera from your Alexa app or from an Echo Show 5. You can also pretend to have someone at home with smart lamps, setting up a routine of turning off and turning on the lights at certain times.


  • Command: “Alexa, what's the weather forecast for December 31st?”
  • Description: Are you already preparing your clothes for the New Year? Alexa helps you be prepared for the weather and make the most of this celebration.


  • Command: “Alexa, how do you say 'Happy New Year' in french?”
  • Description: Translate words and phrases into dozens of languages, including English, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Polish, and more.