30 empresas que usam Linux

30 large companies, devices and locations running Linux

If we consider operating systems in a general way, Linux is much more popular than Windows and Mac OSX, its usability goes far beyond home computers, Linux is in many different places, doing many functions, today you will know 30 large companies or devices that use Linux to do business.

30 companies using Linux

30 major companies or devices using Linux

We will now know 30 major ventures and circumstances where Linux is used to carry out its activities, I bet you will be surprised.

1 – Google: The US multinational company uses Linux in many different environments, from its cloud servers to Android.

Google uses Linux

2 – Twitter: The famous social network also uses Linux on its servers, the company has nearly 300 million users.

Twitter uses Linux

3 – Facebook: Today's largest social network also uses Linux just as Twitter does on its servers, Mark Zuckerberg's company has already surpassed 1 billion users.

Facebook uses Linux

4 – Amazon: Another North American company with several areas of expertise, known worldwide for the quality of its servers and hosting services, Amazon is also powered by Linux.

Amazon uses Linux 5 – IBM: One of the most traditional technology companies, she also needs no introduction and also uses Linux on her servers, see more here. IBM uses Linux

6 – McDonalds: The largest fast food chain in the world also uses Linux, more specifically Ubuntu.

McDonalds uses Linux

7 – Submarines: US military submarines are also controlled by Linux, Red Hat.

US submarines use Linux

8 – NASA: The special agency responsible for numerous space achievements for humanity also uses Linux in its projects, such as the ISS, space probes and even the Martian rovers.

Nasa uses Linux

9 – Watches: Apart from SmartWatchs, which mostly run Linux, there are older IBM-developed clocks that also run Penguin.

IBM watches

10 – Mobile Devices: Smartphones, Tablets, SmartWatches, Kindle and many other devices run Linux as well.

Mobile Devices with Linux

11 – Linux in Space: One specific district, Debian, is responsible for the operation of the International Space Station.

ISS uses Linux

12 – Raspberry Pi: The popular, small computer designed for personal projects uses Linux as the main operating system.

Raspberry pi

13 – Linux on the Desktop: Many companies and government institutions use Linux and open source programs for their everyday work.

Linux on the desktop

14 – Corporate Offices: Because of the absence of the need to pay licenses, Linux and open programs are preferred in many large corporate offices.

Libre Office

15 – New York Stock Exchange: The NYSC that trades millionaires practically every day also does this using Linux.

NY Stock Exchange Uses Linux

16 – Traffic Control: Several cities use Linux to control traffic, both on highways and to control air traffic.

Tragedo Aereo Control

17 – Projects that require real time response: When it comes to ambitious projects that need accuracy, Linux is the best option. One of these is QNX OS, which was recently acquired by Blackberry Ltd.


18 – Bullet trains: Japan's high-speed trains that reach up to 320 km / h are controlled by Linux.

Bullet trains use Linux

19 – Tianhe-2: The fastest supercomputer in the world, the Linux-controlled Chinese Tianhe-2 is also capable of handling up to 33.86 data petaflops.

World's fastest supercomputer runs Linux

20 – Hosting on the internet: It is believed that at least 70% of the Internet runs on Linux servers, but this is a difficult stat to measure, since there are several services that do not go through the analyzes, the percentage tending to be even higher.

Website Hosting

21 – Missiles and weapons: Linux is used to control the latest weapons.


22- Hackers: Linux Hacker system, any self-respecting computer geek likes the freedom and the many tools that Linux brings.


23 – Industries: Wikipedia, Pizza Hut, OLX, the Aircraft Industry, parliaments of countries like France, are all using Linux.

Wikipedia uses Linux

24 – The Post Office: The postal service and even the US bank uses Linux.

USA Postal Service

25 – Education: Schools and colleges in Russia, Germany, the Philippines, Georgia, Sweden, Italy, Finland, India, among others, using Linux as basic computer education.


26 – Movies in Hollywood: Hollywood a big Linux fregus, to comment on just two examples, Titanic and Avatar were made using the Penguin and were very award winning movies.

Avatar made with Linux

27 – Networking: Cisco worked directly with Linux, Linux integrated networking solutions are a great solution and are used by many companies.

Cisco uses Linux

28 – Cars: We recently got a lot of news from smart cars running Linux.

Cadillac uses Linux

29 – Robtica: Like other critical applications, many robots use Linux to be controlled, in search of artificial intelligence Linux seems to be the best choice for the scalability required.

Robs with Linux 30 – Consumer Electronics: With the "internet of things" getting closer to people's homes, Linux, especially Ubuntu, has been taking the lead in this segment.Here is a refrigerator that runs Linux. Linux fridge

Linux is an operating system core, a core that today moves most of our technological world, Linux using in many other places and projects, Valve for example chose the system to be its gaming platform, Sony has already used Linux on PlayStation, where else is Linux used? Tell us! :]


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