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3 tips to make your Google Account more secure with Dashboard

This handy tool helps you control your entire life on Google, which is no small feat if you have account on some services like Gmail, YouTube, Chrome or use an Android device. Lots of information stored and lots of options to manage.

Everyone who has any account on a Google service can and should know and work in Dashboard, there are many important functions. Today, I will focus on security and introduce you to three ways to increase the security of your Google Account using Dashboard.

First, to access the service, you can type in your browser, be it desktop or mobile, or if you own an Android smartphone, go to your device Settings and go to the Google menu. The first three options are the same as Dashboard.

google dashboard
Google Dashboard in Desktop Browser / AndroidPIT

1. Enable 2-Step Verification

If formerly having a more complex password was enough to be protected, today no more. There are several ways to discover a password, which is why many websites and internet services are implementing two-step verification.

Here, in addition to entering an account username and password, you must also enter a special code that is made just for you in order to continue accessing what you intended. With Google and the sensitive information it carries about you, it would be no different.

To enable, in Google Dashboard, go to "Login and Security", then "2-Step Verification." After a short tutorial, click on "Getting Started". Enter your password and you will be asked for the mobile number you will use. Choose one that you use often and always be on hand. Put DDI and DDD and choose to receive a text message, easier.

A field will appear, where you will enter the code you receive via SMS. Finally, simply select the "Activate" button for this important security tool to work and protect you.

google dashboard 2
Enabling 2-Step Verification / AndroidPIT

2. See which devices and services access your account.

Is it hard to remember which devices and apps you've been putting your account on? Sometimes you had to use an acquaintance's device to access a ticket website or check the email; or even accessed a service like Foursquare with your account.

If you are no longer going to use the service you signed up for, you can revoke their access to your login and other Google information from Dashboard as well. Go to "Login and Security" and then click "Apps connected to your account".

I am sure you will find services, websites, games and applications that you have not used for a long time with privileges to access your account. Make a clean, click on what is no longer good and use the "Remove" button without d.

google dashboard 3
See which apps are signed in to your account / AndroidPIT

Still under "Login and Security", click "Recently Used Devices" to check where and when your account was last accessed. If you see any strange devices with recent access, be suspicious. Above the list is a "Protect Your Account" button that can help.

google dashboard 4
All devices you have already signed in to appear here / AndroidPIT

3. Do a full security check

From time to time, or if you suspect anything suspicious about your activities, you may have a Security Check in Dashboard. In "Login and Security" go to "Security Check" and click "First Steps".

google dashboard 5
If you suspect something, do a Security Check / AndroidPIT

Check your phone and password recovery email and click "Done". Then you can check your recent security events. If nothing is suspect, click "All Right". In the next step you will check if the connected devices are normal.

Next, you'll go through the websites, services, and applications that have access to your account. You can remove the ones you don't want or consider strangers. Click "Done and you will be taken to the" 2-Step Verification "section. If it is not enabled, Google advises you to do so.

google dashboard 6
Check everything about your safety, everything accessed / AndroidPIT

In steps 2 and 3 you can also click "There is something weird", and be asked to change your password. It is healthy and recommended to change your password at least once a year.

google dashboard 7
Change your password often to stay safe / AndroidPIT

It is. These are just some of the very useful services that Google offers on its Dashboard. Go through with more time, explore all available functions and use them to your advantage?

Did you already use Google Dashboard? What functions do you use the most?

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