3 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring Your Website Hosting


If you are thinking of putting your company’s website on the air or your personal website on the air, before making any decision about hosting your website, I want to give you some tips that you should evaluate when choosing the best for you.

Keeping a functional website up and running is not as simple as it seems, in addition to being concerned with content, design and user experience, one of the fundamental points is the accommodation, after all, you don’t want a slow site or one that goes off the air. You want efficient hosting and at a fair price preferably.

I was talking to the hosting company Weblink, when they questioned what are the points that we usually observe before hiring any company for our projects. I have my peculiarities, but in order not to just put my impressions, I spoke to someone else.

I talked to my friend Gabriel da Costa, who has a long experience working with servers, maybe you know him here from Diolinux, or from the channel Tux’s Toca, and by discussing the matter, we come to some crucial points that we believe you should note when choosing where to host your site. From these prerogatives, I can tell you what I normally take into account when choosing a company to host my sites. At the end I would like to know your opinion too, tell us what are the points you usually observe before choosing a company accommodation.

1 – The first thing I look for is the Portfolio

Portfolio hosting companies

I have always heard this saying, «success leaves a trail», and if that is really true, the way I think it is, a competent company will make customers happy along the way. With that in mind, I start looking for successful cases and references from those who are already clients.

Popularity is not necessarily an indication of quality, there are smaller companies that are able to provide a great service precisely because they do not have so many customers to serve, so they can dedicate all their energy and investments to the customers that keep it running.

2 – Plans and prices

Hosting plans and prices

This is the second step. After I have made my selection by portfolio, it is time to compare the offers.

Plans and prices are certainly things that people always look at. I particularly like companies that deliver a good service with a «test» plan. This kind of thing is not found everywhere but it is very useful. If I could test all the services of accommodation before deciding it would be much simpler, so I don’t spend a lot of money and the company that hosts my project can use this period of time, which can be a month for example, to “convince me” to stay there.

When that doesn’t exist, I ended up looking for the plan that comes closest to that. And of course, “when alms are too much, the saint is suspicious”, plus a very good saying that is valid when choosing where to host your site.

Observe the available bandwidth, the disk space, whether the server is dedicated or not, all according to your need, of course, always looking for the best cost / benefit.

3 – Support

Hosting Support

A very important point is the response time to calls. If you have any problems or difficulties, feeling that the support is at your side with dedication to help you is something that every company should be concerned with doing, this makes any customer loyal.

Regarding support, it is also worth talking to people you know who already work, or have worked with the service, asking how things work can be a good idea for you to have a better impression. In fact, impressions are important, don’t listen to just one or two people, we all know that most companies at some point have either made their customers extremely satisfied, or have ended up disappointing some of them. If you speak to a person who is at one of these extremes your opinion of the service may be compromised.

Visit social networks, see what people are saying about the service, this will help you to build an opinion about any company of this type.

This article was encouraged by the accommodation Weblink, a company that believes in these values ​​that we mentioned and that is supporting the blog too, go to their website and compare the offers with the others you are interested in, if you didn’t know their work, you just got a new option to host your sites. You can check a WebLink analysis by a staff specialized in evaluating accommodation also to have a more complete opinion about the service.

To the next!