3 simple tips for you to study programming and IT online for free


Are you looking for a way to study programming online? So check out some suggestions now for you to start your journey in the world of technology with websites that you can use as aids for your development as a professional and / or hobbyist.

This text was written by our reader, Felipe Pedrosa, and does not necessarily represent the opinion of the blog on the subject, but it will certainly be of value to you who are wanting to turn your life around through studies and do not have much money to invest in your education, check out:

Studying at home

Hello technology lovers, today I will present several sites that I have been using to improve my knowledge, I hope it will help you in your knowledge journey.

First I bring you the Code Academy, this among all is my favorite, has several types of language for WEB programming such as Python, Ruby, JavaScript among others and all this content totally for free.

For those who want to learn SQL I can indicate a course that I completed on the “SoftBlue” website and it is spectacular, the course it is based on the “PostgreSQL” tool but this does not imply anything if you want to use another tool of your choice such as “MySQL”.

As we are talking about SoftBlue I can indicate another course offered by the company which is about “Programming logic”Another excellent course, but this one I haven’t completed.

Another very interesting alternative that I found was ”Code Combat”, A website that teaches how to program“ playing ”, the initiative is very simple, you control your character using programming to defeat your enemies and pass the level, you can“ play ”using some different types of languages ​​like Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript and Lua (the website says that Lua is a language used to create games). Today the website is available in Portuguese from Portugal but if someone wants to contribute to the translation into Brazilian Portuguese the option is available on the company’s website.

Last drink a list made by Olhar Digital where several sites provide free knowledge, this link was presented by my manager at the company where I work and I would like to share it with everyone.

Just for the sake of the fact that none of the aforementioned companies sponsored this post or the blog, the information disclosed here is just for other people to acquire knowledge, thus opening doors and showing that everyone has an opportunity to improve their future.

I thank Dionatan and the blog Diolinux for granting this opportunity.

Blog note

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