3 reasons to program in C # and how to enter the job market

Even those who do not work in the Information Technology (IT) you know: the number of jobs in this area will only increase in the coming years, but the number of qualified professionals will continue to be reduced. And whoever is interested in entering the sector, may feel somewhat lost by the amount of programming languages ​​to learn. Obviously, everyone will choose the one that provides the best experience, but whoever is in doubt, we have an indication.

THE Γ‡# (read: C-Sharp) is a language developed by Microsoft and is part of the .NET platform, back in the early 2000s. It was created from scratch, but it takes elements from C ++, Pascal and Java, and its initial objective was to replace Java, which was not good compatibility with existing native code libraries. From l to c, Microsoft was improving the language, based mainly on the flaws and qualities of each of the other languages.

There are many reasons to start programming in C #. Below, we have listed three reasons that can get you interested in this type of language first, and thereby get a job in the job market.

1. Easy to learn

The C # language has among its main characteristics the ease of teaching and learning. And this goes for both those familiar with the subject – those who already deal with Java or JavaScript will certainly notice the similarities – and for those who never tampered with codes. Believe me: starting to program may seem like a seven-headed bug, but C # is one of the most viable options for beginners.

2. It is constantly evolving

We commented above that the C # language was developed from C ++ and brought with it elements of the Pascal and Java languages. Microsoft's idea was to create an alternative to Java, but the truth has become something much bigger than that: an adaptable language, practically bringing together all the best in each of the other languages.

As the years passed, Microsoft added numerous improvements and language features, including Generics, LINQ, asycn / await and MVC. With the advent of .NET Core, as an open-source platform, which includes C # and ASP .NET Core, developers were able to work and develop for Windows, Mac and Linux. For having this changeable factor, the language is considered one of the most modern available to supporters and professionals already inserted in the market.

3. Compatible with multiple platforms

In addition to being adaptable, the C # language stands out for its versatility. With it, it is possible to write and create desktop, web, backend services and multiplatform mobile applications. For example, web applications created with ASP .NET Core, which are also open-source, use BootStrap and easily integrate with client-side libraries such as Angular, React and Vue. In addition, Microsoft Azure is supported.

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Labor market

According to developer Luiz Duarte, from the site LuizTools, Java and C # are the two most popular and requested programming languages ​​by companies in the world. They also offer the best average wages in the job market. The tip of the developer to choose only one, because focusing on both requires time that can harm work and learning as a whole. β€œI programmed the two languages ​​and although each has its strengths, I opted for the C # language, which gave me a quicker financial return”, he says.

Another tip that the developer provides is the use of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), with Microsoft Visual Studio being the most recent (and viable) option for this. There is a lighter option, called Visual Studio Code, or Dream Spark, a Microsoft program aimed at students – in this case, you need to confirm your student link to download the tools. Finally, I need a database server, like Microsoft SQL Server Express, which is free.

With the software in hand, it is recommended to seek professional instruction or on your own. Among the suggested sites are:

Online course in C # and ASP.NET in the IT Trends Network

With the online course C # and ASP.NET – Creating a Client / Server Application produced by Impacta you will learn to create a system of control of accounts payable and receivable, applicable to personal and corporate financial management. With the C # programming language and the features offered by ASP.NET, see how to create the interface and application layers, as well as the database and stored procedures required for the system, ensuring the security of your app using cookies and encryption of data.

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