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3 more cool things you can do with your Android

Last week I wrote an article about cool things you can do with a device running Google's operating system. This week, I chose three more Android functions, not found, therefore, on iOS or Windows. See s.

Three more tips about our favorite operating system. AndroidPIT

Connect to a USB Flash Drive

Every smartphone has a micro USB port used to recharge the battery and to transfer files to and from your smartphone. Most people do not know, however, that with a USB On The Go (OTG) adapter cable it is possible to connect the Android device with a USB stick and transfer data. This function also works with an SD card reader. That means you can transfer data to and from a digital camera without having to use a computer, and then save it to the cloud right away.

Using a Wireless Mouse

Using the same USB OTG adapter, you can also connect a mouse (up to 2.4 GHz) to your Android smartphone and use it to navigate your phone. Similarly, a keyboard can be connected to the device, but in this case I need a USB hub (USB hub) to enable the connection.

Voltage adjustment for longer battery life

Some Android devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, allow you to replace the battery and even buy a more powerful one. Others, however, such as the Nexus line and the HTC One, cannot be opened and have fixed batteries that cannot be replaced. Even so, it is possible to extend battery life simply by adjusting the CPU frequency and voltage. This process is known as undervolting and can add an hour to an hour and a half to your battery. This can only be done if you have rooted your smartphone.

What else do you think is cool on Android?

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