3 light and addictive Android Games for you to play in your spare time

3 light and addictive Android Games for you to play in your spare time

How about using your idle time for some fun? Good idea no? So today we will show you 3 fantastic and very light games for you to spend your free time, come check:

Miscellaneous without requiring too much from your Smartphone

I confess that I can't resist always having a game or another on my Smartphone, they're very useful when you're standing in a bank waiting for buses, and between us, they're also useful in that boring college class!

Today everyone has a Smartphone in their pockets, so many models and options to choose from, each with its own hardware configuration, some more powerful and some less, anyway there will always be that game that insists on crashing on your mobile.

And as today's idea here is not stressing you out but showing you great timeshare we will list here 3 very fun and addictive games that run on any device, their downloads are also very small, all smaller than 30 MB, ready for a procrastination? So let's go there! 🙂

1 – Pou – "A multiplayer game"

Pou and his games

People who lived their childhood in the mid-1990s may remember the 'Tamagotchis"those little toys that we had to take care of a virtual pet, give food and damn it to four.

Pou It is very popular without a doubt and has exactly these characteristics that the "Tamagotchis " had to enchant the children of that time, you must remember why you stopped playing with the so-called "virtual pets", you just grew up thought that "it was a child's thing".

And my friend, I'm not suggesting that you keep looking after Pou (although it's fun, admit it!), what happens inside the Pou there are several different games inspired by various other games like Flappy bird and candy Crush, among many others, so you download a game and actually win a "pack" of games to end your productivity.

Sounds like a good deal, doesn't it? Ideal for ignoring the world while you wait for your bus to arrive.

2 – Run – Yes that's it!


It's okay that the name is not the most creative but I'm sure you will enjoy spending your idle minutes with this work!

Games in this style, "Run", are already established in mobile devices, Temple run and Subway Surfers that say them.

Run It has a different footprint than other games of its kind, the simplest graphic but the proposition over there is interesting, you will control "a bean with legs" (seriously, I don't know what the crap!); tapping on the right side of the screen you jump and with the left side you can control the directionals, the 3D scenery and have a spatial background (like that!), you can move 360 ​​in the whole scenario, skipping the empty spaces.

It seems easy at first glance but then it accelerates, I doubt you will drop the game before reaching level 15, I doubt it!

3 – Show Bilho, because "corn for the weak"

Do you know what cool? One Billion Dollars

I always remember that phrase from the movie "The Social Network" that tells the story behind Facebook:

A million dollars is not cool … you know what's cool? One billion dollars.

Following this idea we have our third game, I bet Silvio Santos never thought that the program he played a long time ago would continue to be so popular over the years, but deep down it has a certain logic, we love to measure our knowledge!

Q&A games are always fun and the "Show of Bilho 2015"No different, it seems that the people thought that a corn was little and decided to extend the prize for a few more digits, so the game was not over so early.

It's okay that in the end you get nothing at all, except knowing you're the smartest person on your street, but he's great for playing alone and with friends too, light, addictive and fun, want more?

Very good huh? But won't you blame me if that wording you need to do is late, to play when you have free time and not to create the free time to play, combined? 😛

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