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«3 in 1» of social networks with LifeShare from Optimus

"3 in 1" of social networks with LifeShare from Optimus

Today Optimus is launching its «mobile community aggregation» service. LifeShare makes it possible to receive alerts, upload photos and videos and update status on three of today’s biggest social networks – Facebook, MySpace and Hi5.

The service is supported by all phones with access to the Optimus Zone portal – which provides access to the Internet from terminals that have Optimus as their mobile operator. Updates, with multimedia or text content, can be made from the website accessible on the mobile phone or via SMS or MMS, sent to 1244. According to the information provided by Optimus, the service is free.

LifeShare features include access to all social networks through a single platform, allowing information to be consulted – invitations to events, status updates, friend requests and notifications – uploading and viewing photos and videos, and messaging.

Another of the available options is the configuration of alerts that inform, by message, the user of the updates of his group of friends. This component will be free until the end of the year, after which it will be charged at an amount that has not yet been revealed, but should be lower than that of a «normal» SMS.

In total, the three virtual communities have a universe of users close to 500 million members and more and more are the offers from mobile operators that include the integration of access to these services – and other social networks – from mobile phones.

TMN recently included in the Moche tariff free access (up to 10MB of traffic) to Facebook and provides an application that allows the profile to be updated via the mobile phone without having to enter the social network. Text and MMS messages can be sent to the profile via the mobile phone in exchange for 0.05 or 0.10 euros per message, respectively. A partnership with Twitter allows for similar interactions with the microblog.

Vodafone announced, at the end of September, a new set of services that should «revolutionize» its mobile strategy and the Internet experience on the mobile phone, as well as its interaction with the computer. The 360 ​​is expected to be available to the public at the end of the year.