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3 apps similar to Giganima to watch anime on iPhone

With the fact that the popular app Giganima does not yet exist for iOS, iPhone and iPad users need to find similar apps when the idea is to have anime streaming on their hands.

Check out a list of 3 good exits in terms of apps that we list for you.

1. Crunchyroll – Everything Anime


Probably one of the best known, Crunchyroll is a streaming service for Japan's most popular anime. The platform offers new content, such as recent ones Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, The Ancient Magus' Bride and Dragon Ball Super, beyond the darlings Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, among many others.

free and requires no subscription. The option to subscribe to Premium, however, can be attractive to big anime fans, as it makes new episodes available just an hour after they air in Japan and allows content to be viewed on Apple TV, XBox and PS4.

To download Crunchyroll click here.

2. Viewster


Like the previous ones, it offers varied animes, both classic and Simulcasts (short for "simultaneous broadcast" in English, or "simultaneous transmission"), that is, contents that are being broadcast at that moment in Japan.

In addition to having a catalog made up of hundreds of animes, the app also offers original films (ranging from suspense and horror to documentaries) and varied TV programs. It also provides the option for the user to make his Watch-list, where he can save the content he wants to watch later.

To download the Viewster click here.

3. Anime Pulse

Anime Pulse

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In addition to streaming various anime episodes, the app also offers reviews, notes, stories and other content about Japanese programs.

Through the app, you can also download wallpapers from your favorite program, visit the website for each content and get in touch with some of them.

To download Anime Pulse click here.


Kitsu: Anime

kitsu anime

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Has already found the best streaming for you, is your anime up to date, but would you like to have someone to talk to about the content? Kitsu Anime is a social network focused on this.

The application does not offer streaming options. He meets in one place, fans of the genre to discuss episodes, recommend and receive recommendations about other animes, check reactions to new content, among other resources.

To download Kitsu: Anime click here.

Manga by Crunchyroll

Manga by Crunchyroll

For those who, in addition to animes, wish to stay up to date on reading the manga, Crunchyroll also offers an option. Manga by Crunchyroll makes content available shortly after its publication in Japan.

Are titles like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Coppelion and Space Brothers.

To download Manga by Crunchyroll click here.

Drama Fever

Drama Fever

Here the proposal is to offer streaming for those who are also interested in the famous Japanese, Chinese and Korean novels and films.

Running Man, Im Not A Robot, Goblin, My Secret Romance, Revolutionary Love, Tribes and Empires and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms are among the options that can be seen. The app even offers offline streaming.

To download Drama Fever click here.

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