3 amazing paid iOS apps that you can download for free now

3 incrĂ­veis aplicativos pagos para iOS que vocĂŞ pode baixar gratuitamente agora

Check out three iOS apps that are free for a limited time!

CES 2015 is over, but life goes on and to keep things going we’ll show 3 apps that are usually paid, but are free at App Store. These apps together cost $ 23.97. The savings from downloading them for free now can reach approximately 62 reais.

Apps are free for a limited time, we don’t know how long they’ll be on sale, so hurry up and get yours now!


Mujo it is a game style puzzle simple and addictive it usually costs $ 1.99. It is the first game from the company Oink Games Inc and is available for devices iOS and Android. It is a game based on mythology, so you will be represented by gods and your goal will be to defeat monsters.

Look for pieces of the same color and the more pieces are grouped, the greater the points obtained. The «sword» pieces are used to attack soldiers or monsters. The pieces «fish», «rabbits» and «ducks» serve to provide XP for their gods.

It is worth checking out this battle of gods against monsters!

Workout-Tracker + (Lumen Trails)

Lumen Trails Lumen Spark LLC is an organizer application that has multiple purposes. Its differential is precisely to provide monitoring in several areas of your life. Workout-Tracker + is only available on the platform iOS and it usually costs $ 19.99.

With the app you can take notes, make lists, create reminders and keep track of different areas of your life. For example, you can track data on calories, weight, sleep, food, time, training and expenses.

Lumen Trails allows you to backup your data to both the iCloud as for the Google Drive, has synchronization with iCloud and is also compatible with Apple VoiceOver in 8 languages.

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Translate Keyboard Pro

Translate Keyboard Pro is a keyboard application that allows instant translation of typed text into 90 languages! You can use Keyboard Pro in any application on the iOS 8, such as Facebook, Twitter, iMessenger, Whatsapp, Instagram etc. The application is powered by Google Translate and it is a good tip for those who want to communicate in another language or for those who are learning a new language.

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Source: BGR