3.7 million Androids were activated at Christmas

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According to Andy Rubin, executive responsible for Android, the Google platform presented this Christmas, on December 24th and 25th, a new (and scary) record of activations: 3.7 million new devices.

A few days ago, the executive had announced the mark of 700 thousand new devices activated per day. «We count each device only once, and ‘activations’ means going into a store, buying a device, putting it on the network,» said Rubin on his Google+ profile.

A recent report by Localytics also confirmed the growth of Android during the Christmas period, mainly in the markets of South Korea, Sweden and Spain.

In South Korea, in particular, the sale of devices with the Google platform has grown by 80% when compared to iOS. In Japan and Sweden, the numbers grew 50% more than Apple devices over the Christmas weekend.