3.2 million Portuguese people connect to hi5

Marktest’s numbers confirm the continued interest of national internet users in hi5, one of the most used social networks worldwide. According to the market research company, almost 3.2 million Portuguese people accessed the site in 2008, an average of 1 million per week.

This figure corresponds to 77.4% of the universe of Internet users residing in mainland Portugal aged 4 or more, which shows the interest in the social network.

The website has a weight of 18% in the pages seen by Portuguese online, consuming 11% of the time they dedicate to the Internet.

In the year as a whole, the time dedicated to hi5 exceeded 48 million hours, which corresponds to more than 15 hours per user.

The peak of accesses was registered in the week from 7 to 13 April 2008 when 1.348 million Portuguese visited the site.

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According to Marktest, the profile of visitors to hi5 is close to the layout for Portuguese internet users, but the elderly remain away from this site, being the highest affinity index found among young people aged 15 to 24 years. These represent 32.4% of the total visitors to the social network and 91.8% of Internet users in this age group will have accessed the site in 2008.