2nd phase IRS can now be delivered online

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Taxpayers who have obtained income that does not result exclusively from dependent work or pensions, and that therefore did not take place in the first phase of IRS deliveries, can from today deliver their tax returns via the Internet.

The second phase of the process will continue until the 28th of May, beyond the deadline for delivery on paper, which started on the 16th of March and extends only until the end of this month, the 30th of April .

It is recalled that this year the Government added an additional incentive to the submission of tax returns over the Internet, by ensuring that these taxpayers receive reimbursement up to 20 days after the submission of the declaration, largely anticipating the legal deadlines for this purpose.

During the first phase of the process, even this period was brought forward and, according to the tax services, the first taxpayer to receive the refund received it 14 days after filing the declaration.

Taxpayers who choose the Internet to submit their tax returns also have the advantage of having a system for pre-filling the form for areas about which the State already has information, a tool that aims to minimize errors in filling out and submitting divergent data that may delay the settlement process.