AirPods with wireless charging case

2nd generation AirPods firmware is also updated to version 2D15

After updating the AirPods Pro firmware to version 2D15, Apple today released the very same version for Second generation AirPods – Until then, the headphones were running the 2A364 build or the problematic 2C54, which was quickly taken down by Apple.

The update is important as some users were receiving replacement AirPods with the 2D3 version, which had not yet existed. Now, with this update, anyone who received new Apple headphones will finally be able to update everything and use them without any problems.

You can check the firmware version of your AirPods by going to Settings »General» About »AirPods; they need to be paired with the iPhone in order to view this information. The update itself is applied automatically and completely silently – when you use the headphones and they connect to the iPhone / iPad, the update is done at some point.

Apple does not comment on what exactly changes in these firmware updates; in the case of AirPods Pro, many people were complaining about the quality of Active Noise Canceling; on the second generation AirPods, however, there was nothing wrong – so we can only expect general improvements.

AirPods with wireless charging case

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