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2nd edition of Universia received over 37 thousand unique visitors

بيتيا ، NotPetya ، GoldenEye.  لا يهم الاسم إلا أن الفيروس لا يزال يعيث فسادا

The second edition of the Universia Virtual Employment Exchange ended with 37,282 unique visits, which accessed the offer of 1010 qualified job vacancies available on the platform that at the end of last year had held the first edition of the initiative.

The numbers were measured by Google Analytics and also reveal that during the fair, 9,500 CVs of finalists or recent graduates looking for jobs were introduced on the platform.

During the fair, 626,355 pages were visited, with each user visiting an average of 14.05 pages. The average time spent on the site was 9.28 minutes.

The next Universia job exchange will take place at the end of the year, in December.

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