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27,000mAh portable battery promises to recharge two notebooks simultaneously

The batteries stopped in time and did not keep pace with the market as a whole. For this very reason, many end up choosing to always have an external battery to power their smartphone, tablet and other gadgets that take them up and down. How about going to the extreme and having a 27,000mAh (reasonably sized) capable of powering your iPhone for up to a week? Or able to recharge your MacBook (Air / Pro) and a friend at the same time? Meet the Supertank!

This beauty has two USB-C PD ports (one 100W and one 60W) and two USB-A, so you can basically recharge any device. Now, do you want to know her big differential? After using all the power you have to offer, it only takes 1 hour to fully recharge it! For this you need a charger that offers 100W or more power and a USB-C cable that supports 5A.

The possibilities here are many, as with SuperTank you can recharge up to two MacBooks Pro at the same time (one 13 ″ and one 15 ″, for example) and even promise to recharge a 15 ″ model (from 0 % to 100%, without using the notebook) in 1 hour and 30 minutes!

In addition to an LED display showing battery percentage, SuperTank features “pass-through” technology (pass-through), which allows you to recharge the battery and its gadgets connected to it at the same time in this mode, it is not possible to power a 15 ″ MacBook Pro, only the 13 ″ since the 100W port is occupied.

It also brings energy directionality for fast recharging. That's because, by plugging SuperTank into your notebook, it can start recharging SuperTank itself; but by pressing the button for a few seconds, you control the power steering, ensuring that the laptop is recharged if you wish, of course you can press again to recharge the SuperTank.


Here's what you can do with her:

  • 15 ″ MacBook Pro: Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • 13 ″ MacBook Pro: Up to 13 hours of battery life
  • iPad Pro 12.9 ″: up to 1.9 recharge
  • iPad mini 4: up to 3.6 refills
  • Osmo Pocket: up to 23 refills
  • iPhone XS: Up to 7 Refills
  • Samsung S9: At 6 Refills
  • Nintendo Switch: at 4 refills
  • Sony A7: At 8 Refills

According to Zendure, this is all possible thanks to eight power cells which are normally used by electric vehicles. premium and rarely used in consumer electronics. Compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries, power cells offer 5x faster charging speeds and generate much less heat, reducing the risk of performance degradation or damage.

In addition, SuperTank has nine layers of safety protection (overload, discharge, temperature, short circuit, output overload, output overcurrent, input overcurrent, input overvoltage and controller reset). It is worth noting that the dual temperature protection, so if one of the units fails, the other sensor will continue to monitor the temperature to ensure its safety and that of its devices.


For devices with smaller batteries that don't need that much power (such as Apple Watches, AirPods, etc.), SuperTank offers X-Charge mode, which operates at a much lower power (just push the button twice to enter mode). Those who do not need all this power can opt for the SuperPort 4, which offers basically the same features, but with a lower battery capacity.

The project has already far exceeded the $ 30,000 fundraising goal; If you want to guarantee a unit with promotional prices, you can purchase SuperPort 4 for $ 70 (30% off) or SuperTank for $ 90 (40% off).

via CocaTech