27 thousand visited virtual job exchange

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The third edition of the Universia Virtual Employment Exchange received 27,076 unique visitors in the 14 days it was «on the air», a number that is below that registered in the previous edition of the event, although the organization says that the balance is positive.

The Universia initiative brought together job offers from 35 companies, 17 universities and 4 higher education institutions that in 3D stands showed their offers and hosted the resumes with video support from job seekers.

During the entire period, 3,153 resumes were submitted to the 843 job openings offered by the exhibitors on the platform. Compared to the previous edition, these numbers also dropped. In May, 9,500 resumes were submitted for 1,010 job openings by the 37,000 unique visitors, according to figures released to the press at the time.

The virtual job fair also hosted events organized by the participating entities. Among them, 10 cyber conferences.

The Universia fair was held for the first time in December last year and is a biannual event.

Pedro Monteiro, director general of the Universia chain, attributes the decrease in the number of visits to the fair to some «inertia» or «demotivation» of the candidates, coupled with the fact that the meeting involved less media coverage this time. Either way, it ensures that the organization is satisfied with the results of the event, which has increased the number of participating companies.