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250 thousand already use ViaCTT

250 thousand already use ViaCTT

In the last year they joined the service that allows them to create a free email box, to receive correspondence from the telecommunications operator, finance, bank or EDP 100 thousand Portuguese.

New adhesions to ViaCTT increase to 250 thousand, the number of users of the platform, managed by Correios de Portugal and launched about four years ago, revealed a company administrator to Lusa. Marcos Batista explained to the news agency that the range of users of the service is diverse and includes citizens of various age groups.

According to the same source, there are currently 27 entities associated with ViaCTT which include DGCI, several banks, city councils, Zon, Optimus, Vodafone, among others. For the user, the service has no costs, as the expenses are borne by the entities that use the channel to send their mail to the customer / citizen.

It is recalled that a service identical to ViaCTT started operating last Monday. MBDox is promoted by SIBS and already has the support of the main banks (operationalized or in the process of being). The main difference with this new possibility of receiving bills electronically is that payment can be made directly to the service. MBDox already counts with Meo, Vodafone, Gascan and Zon in the start-up phase.