25 years of Toshiba notebooks celebrated with new models

25 years of Toshiba notebooks celebrated with new models

The launch of new models was the way found by Toshiba to start the celebrations that mark the 25th anniversary of the arrival in the market of the first notebook of the scale production brand, the Toshiba T1100.

Since 1985, Toshiba has sold more than 90 million notebooks worldwide, and is committed to reaching the 100 million mark this year. Pursuing its objectives, the manufacturer announces the launch of new products.

a full-funtion notebook ultra-light, a smartbook and another Libretto dual-screen “concept” multi-touch make a trio that, in the Portuguese market, should be available at the end of the summer.

The Portegé range is updated with the R700, a notebook with an integrated optical disc drive, a standard voltage CPU, processors from the Intel Core family and the Windows 7 operating system, 13.3 inch (33.8 cm) screen and about 1.5kg of weight that will have a “balanced” price for the characteristics offered, promises Toshiba, advancing values ​​close to 1.300 euros, “half the launch price of the R500”, made a point of pointing out Jorge Borges, marketink director of the company in Portugal. “The objective is to make what was a niche into a volume segment”, he explains, justifying the new strategy.

The official also said that the design of the R700 was based on investing in three different areas: temperature regulation, chassis construction and the implementation of the memory chip.

The AC100 marks the entry of the manufacturer in the segment of so-called Internet mobile devices or smartbooks. The new model offers Android operating system, 10.1 inch screen and can remain in stand by up to seven days. “The AC100 aims to combine the best of two product categories: just like a smartphone is always on and at the same time offers the convenience of a small netbook, but with a bigger screen and a real keyboard “, explains Jorge Borges.

With the Libretto W100, Toshiba essentially wants to “show experience and technology”, said João Amaral general manager of Toshiba Portugal. “It is a product to demonstrate how far Toshiba wants to go.”

The computer offers two touch screens touch seven-inch, Intel, Windows 7, webcam and will be sold in a limited edition for a price between 1,000 and 1,300 euros.The Libretto W100 can be used vertically as a book, to read a double page of a newspaper, for example or used horizontally, to read a document on the top screen and use the bottom screen to capture clippings and ideas.

The lower screen can also display a virtual keyboard, allowing the equipment to be used as a portable computer. The user can easily drag content, files or icons from one screen to another with the flick of his fingers.

Greater diversification

Twenty five years after launching its first “transportable” computer, Toshiba believes that diversification is the key to conquering more market, and is betting on new formats. “While 15-inch notebooks in a shell format and with larger screens will remain primary devices, there will be market opportunities for smaller and more innovative form factors, such as, for example, internet mobile devices”, Says João Amaral.

The general manager of Toshiba in Portugal also believes that the consumer will dictate the success or failure of the different proposals. “We are in no hurry to sell products. When we develop a technology we are more concerned with usability, in offering really important features. The customer decides when to use the technology ”.