25 things that show you are a true Android fan

Remember which smartphones were left without updating too soon

Are you annoyed when people don’t know the specifications of the device itself or the operating system it runs on? Do you like every breakthrough in mobile technology and have a strong and grounded opinion about each manufacturer? Take the test: if you identify with each of these 25 statements, you can consider yourself an Android fan and connoisseur like few others!

1. You turn on your smartphone screen before you even turn off the alarm clock;

2. Know that it is not necessary to spend R $ 2,000.00 to have a device with good performance;

3. Knows how to root and has probably done the process more often;

4. Instead of complaining about what your smartphone cannot do, you defend tooth and nail what it is capable of and others are not;

5 You have experienced a surprising number of launchers;

smart launcher pro hero

Ah, launchers, what would Android be without them? © ANDROIDPIT

6. Your friends turn to you to find out which device is the best in each category;

7. You have more than one joke prepared for the first iPhone defender to appear in front of you;

8. You know how to queue in front of a store is not the best way to get the best smartphone offer;

9. Can’t bear to repeat that Android smartphones have no greater risk of downloading viruses;

10. You move around the Google Play Store with ninja agility;

android sicherheit teaser

No, an Android smartphone does not cause more problems than the rest. © ANDROIDPIT

11. You have a dissertation prepared for the next person who pronounces the words “code” and “open”;

12. You have had at least one Nexus;

13. When you travel, you care more about the smartphone battery than how many underwear you wear;

14. When you become addicted to a Play Store game, you simply forget about the outside world for hours;

15. Terms like “Stagefright” or “WebView” are not Greek to you;

android 60 marshmallow hero devil 1

Do you already know everything about Marshmallow? © ANDROIDPIT

16. Your best friend is called Google Now;

17. You know that a world without Android would be infested with Apple fans, that is, the Apocalypse;

18. He explained more than once that there is intelligent life after Samsung;

19. You know more about Google’s history than any other company;

20. There’s a lot to say about Windows Phone, but nothing too complimentary;

androidpit android devices 5

Samsung is just one of the good Android makers. © ANDROIDPIT

21. The fact that a manufacturer does not include microSD in their devices is a deadly sin for you;

22. You know how to say a lot about people by the devices they have;

23. Do you believe that hell takes the form of iTunes;

24. You are proud to know how to explain to friends how to increase the autonomy of devices;

25. You don’t have time to explain why iOS is so much worse than Android.

How many of these statements did you identify with?