25 million new computer threats in 2009

25 million new computer threats in 2009

Over the course of the year now ending, 25 million new threats have been detected.

The data are from PandaLabs, from Panda Security, which in 20 years of existence does not add up to such a high number of threats, among the new detections, as the one counted in the year that now ends.

The company contacts around 55 thousand new threat samples on a daily basis.

Over the past year, a good part of this number concerned Trojans banking and fake antivirus, which led the ranking of threats detected by the security company.

With regard to methods to distribute security problems, Panda also notes the increasing use of the popularity of social networks to spread threats.

Another method increasingly used was the optimization of results in search engines, as well as cyber attacks with political motivations.

It should be noted that in the 20 years of Panda’s existence, a total of 15 million new threats were detected by the company, until the beginning of last year, information that also appears in the annual security report that has just been released.