25 gifts that your geeky friends will love this Christmas

25 gifts that your geeky friends will love this Christmas

Christmas and New Year holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to exchange gifts. We all love to give and receive gifts and whoever says they don’t want gifts is lying. While choosing a gift sounds easy, it is not, especially when you have a geek as a friend / cousin or relative. That’s when you have no idea what to gift your next geek. Well, we’re here to help! We decided to do a nerdy gift search and found some really cool nerdy gifts for you to give this holiday season.

Here are the 25 best Geeky gifts for Christmas:

1. Arc ballast LED t-shirt

Tony Stark’s chest arc reactor may not be really healthy, but it looked pretty cool nonetheless. While he was removed by the end of Iron Man 3, a part of us wanted him to come back. Well, Tony isn’t getting back anytime soon, but we can get our own arc reactor, thanks to this cool Iron Man t-shirt. The cool tee has an arc reactor that works with batteries that are hidden in the shirt pocket. So, what are you waiting for, rock the Christmas parties like Iron Man.

Purchase: ($ 66)

2. Iron Man Limited Edition Collectible Wireless Mouse

The cool Iron Man Limited Edition mouse would certainly be an amazing gift for an Iron Man fan. It’s a basic, cool-looking wireless gaming mouse that comes in a really cool box that looks like an arc reactor that powers Iron Man and your costume. The freshness factor it brings is incomparable. You can have your mouse’s eyes lit to turn on or off and, most importantly, it works very well as a mouse.

Purchase: ($ 156.95)

3. Emoji pillows

Love emojis? Well, now you can have them in your living room. Your favorite WhatsApp emojis are now available as pillows. More than 20 emojis are available as pillows, so you can choose your favorites and pick them up for you or as a gift for someone who uses many emojis in chats.

Purchase: ($ 5.26)

4. Adjustable Laptop Stand

There are times when we feel the need to use our laptops in strangely comfortable positions, and this is where the Adjustable Laptop Stand would come in handy. The stand made of aluminum can be adjusted at various angles and can be used with laptops with screens up to 17 inches. He also has a couple of fans to keep his laptop cool.

Purchase: ($ 58, 11)

5. Bionic bird controlled by smartphone

Ever wanted to control a bird? Well, it’s possible now, thanks to the robotic Bionic Bird, which can be controlled via your smartphone. You can do some cool tricks with your Bionic bird via your smartphone controls. It supports both iPhone and Android, so you better fly!

Purchase: ($ 140, 47)

6. Self-Rolling Dice

Boogie Dice is a cool sound activated that should make all board and card games a lot more fun. After clapping or snapping your fingers, the dice begin to roll by themselves. The dice also has an interesting application, where you can change the behavior of the data, the responsiveness, the colors of the LEDs, the duration of scrolling and much more. There are some cool games like Bots Battleground that were built with Boogie Dice in mind. It’s cool, isn’t it?

Purchase: ($ 39.99)

7. Harry Potter Monopoly Game

Do you love playing Monopoly and are you a Harry Potter fan? Well, the cool Harry Potter Monopoly game is for you indeed. The Harry Potter Monopoly is available as a downloadable file, which you can print to convert your old, monotonous bore into a magical Harry Potter. Check out!

Purchase: ($ 15, 14)

8. Breaking the bad doormat

We are all fans of Walter White and his incredible dialogues, especially this one: «I’m the only one who hits». Well, now you can get a doormat that says just that. This must be the perfect gift for any Breaking Bad fan, who wants to see the TV show reference somewhere in their living room. There are also other cool Breaking Bad doormats, so check them out too.

Buy: ($ 45)

9. 8 GB Star Wars / Minions / Marvel USB Tribe Drives

These are USB flash drives with the entire tribe of Marvel heroes, Minions and Star Wars characters. Each member of the tribe has 8 GB of memory and can be used to share their important files. Well, it’s always nice to have your favorite heroes and characters saving your files and stuff.

Purchase: Marvel, Star Wars, Minions ($ 22.53)

10. Batman mirror

Thanks to the Batman logo mirror, you can convert your home to Wayne Mansion or Batcave, whichever you prefer. The cool Batman mirror measuring 28 ′ x 13 ″ and wall mount accessories are included in the box. So, set it up in your room and every day when you look at Batman’s mirror, some motivation should certainly come in.

Purchase: ($ 33.99)

11. Devon Star Wars Luxury Watch

The Devon’s Star Wars luxury watch can be a very expensive gift, but it is certainly a dream gift for fans of Star Wars and Darth Vader. The watch successfully incorporates the design elements of Star Wars with cutting technology from Devon and the result is certainly incredible. The Devon Star Wars watch looks futuristic with a Darth Vader helmet implementation, a pair of Star Wars war wings on the sides along with Devon’s scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens, four layers of thin nylon weather and more. Other features include wireless charging, two weeks on a full charge, 313 electrical contacts, etc.

Purchase: ($ 28,500)

12. PowerUp 3.0 – Smartphone Controlled Paper Plan

Everyone loved to fly a paper plane in their youth, but not anymore. Well, PowerUp 3.0, a smartphone-controlled paper plane, can bring that interest back. It is a small paper plane that packs 180-foot (55-meter) motorized engines. It has a flight time of 25 to 30 minutes after charging for 5 to 10 minutes. It connects with smartphones via Bluetooth and can be controlled via tilt.

Purchase: ($ 49.99)

13. Game of Thrones Plush Dragon

Game of Thrones fans love the dragons that are part of the show and now you can also buy one for yourself. Although it may not be as big or dangerous as the ones we see on GOT, they are still pretty cool. Along with the dragon’s wings and teeth, its limbs are totally poseable, so you can set it up the way you want. So, get one for yourself and become the Mother or Father of dragons.

Purchase: ($ 59.99)

14. Darth Vader LED Table Lamp

You can get this Darth Vader LED table lamp with a cool look because it accepts it or not, even the dark side needs a little light sometimes. The cold lamp requires 3 AAA batteries or a micro USB cable to function. It is a perfect gift for a Star Wars fan, who wants to bring a touch of Darth Vader to your bedroom table or coffee table.

Purchase: ($ 39.74)

15. Cloud Light

Cloud Lights are cool lights that can be hung from ceilings to create an illusion of a cloud. It looks really cool and is perfect if you want to make your room more attractive and serene. It is battery operated and you can easily turn it on or off. Cloud lighting is available in a few different sizes, so you can mix them together to create a better cloud illusion.

Purchase: ($ 110, 03)

16. Emoji keyboard

Many of us love to chat with people with emoticons. Sending messages via emojis is certainly cooler and more fun. EmojiWorks recently launched a new wireless Emoji keyboard, which makes texting via emojis much easier. There’s an Emoji keyboard with 47 common emojis, and then there’s an Emoji Keyboard Pro, which features more than 120 emojis, skin tone modifiers, and more.

Purchase: Emoji Keyboard ($ 49.95), Emoji Keyboard Pro ($ 99.95)

17. Hydrophobic t-shirt

A hydrophobic T-shirt is resistant to water and stains, so if you have a friend who always ends up picking up something or another on your t-shirt, give them that t-shirt. It is available for men and women and that should make them really happy.

Purchase: Men ($ 55), Women ($ 45)

18. Quadcopter with camera

Geeks love drones, but popular consumer drones come at a high price. Well, we can always offer a more affordable beginner drone. There are several cool quadcopters on the market and we especially like the one with a camera. Syma’s Quadcopter Explorers comes with an HD camera and a 2 GB microSD card, as well as features such as wind resistant, six-axis gyro stabilizer, among others. It brings 7 minutes of flight with a load of 100 minutes.

Purchase: ($ 48.80)

19. Mini USB fridge

We all hate it when our cold drink gets warm when we get busy on our computers. Well, the Cool Mini Fridge USB is the perfect solution for that. The mini-fridge connects to your PC to keep the cold plate cool for your drink. That’s not all, as it keeps your drinks warm, if you want. It can easily fit into two cans or a mini bottle of beer.

Purchase: ($ 27.39)

20. Star Wars USB Star Car Charger from Star Wars

There are several Star Wars themed novelty products, but we can’t say that they all speak like Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Yes, the cool Star Wars porter with the appearance of a Death Star, speaks Tarkin’s lines. The cool USB charger is compatible with most USB devices, but who are we kidding here? You’ll buy it for its cool Death Star appearance and Tarkin’s voice, which says dialogs like «You can fire when you’re ready» and is followed by the sound of the super sound as the green LEDs flash with the trigger sound . If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re going to buy it, aren’t you?

Purchase: ($ 29.99)

21. Captain America’s Shield Backpack

Captain America looks amazing with his shield on his back and while you can’t have your superhuman strength, you can have your shield. This Marvel-certified backpack looks exactly like the Captain’s shield on its back. The backpack includes all the pockets you need, plus a padded laptop / tablet pocket. I certainly want one, how about you? Just don’t use the shield to fight!

Purchase: ($ 59.99)

22. Movie / TV Show Box Sets

We all have our favorite movie series. There are people (read: geeks) who are crazy about the Harry Potter series, Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Batman Trilogy, Bourne series, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, X Men, Fast & Furious etc … There are also TV shows that continue to be our favorite and nothing else comes close, like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Friends, The Big Bang Theory etc. So, a good idea would be to give your nerdy friend your favorite movie or TV. show box set. Our experience tells us that they will love it.

Purchase: Amazon Movie & TV Shows Box Sets

23. Raspberry Pi Zero

The Raspberry Pi brought a programmable computer to the masses and now, the Raspberry Pi Zero leads to an even lower price. It packs in a 1 GHz Broadcom ARM11 processor coupled with 512 MB of RAM. There is also a microSD slot, the computer priced at $ 5 runs on Raspbian along with applications like Scratch, Minicraft etc. It will certainly be an amazing gift if your geeky friend likes to code.

Buy: ($ 5)

24. Virtual laser projection keyboard

If your geek friend is a big fan of cool futuristic gadgets, you can get the virtual laser projection keyboard. It designs a virtual keyboard on any flat surface, thanks to its projection technology. It also has advanced optics to detect keystrokes.

Purchase: ($ 100.86)

25. Music Pillows

Your next geeky or non-geeky will show you a lot of gratitude if you present him or her a rest from the music because it is something we have always wanted. You can get the music pads with built-in speakers and you can connect your own music player to play your favorite songs and get the most amazing sleep you’ve ever had.

Purchase: (starts at $ 10)

These are the best geeky gifts for Christmas that we have found. Let us know what you choose to gift your nerdy friend, how we love to hear from you!