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25 Essential iPad Starter Apps

Today I aim to help those people who are new to the iOS world, those who already own the iPad but who have not yet reached the stage of adaptation and thus continue looking for ideal tools to replace their computers.

I want with this list of applications to collaborate with users so that they can enjoy 100% of what the tablet has to offer them, of course the list is just an initial tip, we all have our tastes and needs, but from this list for sure the Beginner user to be walking the right way.

Follow our app recommendations divided into categories.

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Apps for work

(appext 361309726) Pages is the replacement for Word on the iPad, it was created by Apple and has proven to be the best of all other writing options. It can format the text, use different fonts, take advantage of some templates that help you get a better result, and work perfectly with iCloud.

With iCloud, Pages stores files in the cloud, enabling third parties to share and edit files, even if they don't have an iPad, directly from the official website.

Pages comes free with all new iPads (new in box).

(appext 361304891) Since we are talking about replacing computer programs, another very important application Numbers, which replaces the famous Excel. Numbers was also developed by Apple, although not as complete as Excel, it works quite well, especially when you get used to its formulas. Ideal for working with your spreadsheets, which can be easily imported and converted to your format.

Numbers also allows editing and sharing over the internet, the person receiving the file does not have to have an iPad, they can use a regular computer even by visiting the iCloud website.

Numbers comes free with all new iPads (new in box).

(appext 361285480) On the other hand we have Keynote, also from Apple that gives a quality bath over Power Point. In fact, Apple's star app is this, you can count on amazing slide animations, ease of creating them on the touchscreen and lots of objects to graphically enhance your work.

Like the others, it stores the files in iCloud and makes it possible to edit online, directly on the official website.

Keynote comes free with all new iPads (new in box).

(appext 401643317) UPAD is a highly recommended application as it allows you to create annotations in PDF files, free handwriting or stylus pen (for touch screens) and even allows adding photos to the annotations.

It is one of the most complete in the category and fights for user preference alongside applications like GoodReader, PDF-Notes, among others.

(appext 499345601) If in your work you need to do research, nothing better than browsing Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the best experience, I recommend purchasing Wikiweb, which offers a user-friendly interface specially designed for the iPad. It will be much easier to find what you are looking for, besides, it has an interconnection between articles with mind-map connections.

(appext 657247248) Incredibly the iPad doesn't come with a calculator, Apple has enabled a number of calculator applications to emerge. Among so many options it has become difficult to find one that is really worth it, among my favorites is MaxiCalc, which has free advertising and paid version, free of advertising.

I recommend to download MaxiCalc and try it, if you like very much it costs nothing to invest in the free version of advertisements.

(appext 503641946) Now, if your job requires a more complete calculator, I recommend purchasing this app that gives you the experience of using an HP 12C on your iPad screen. Have you ever considered buying a calculator of this caliber for so little?

When I say so little, I mean the cost of an HP 12C, which is around $ 250 in the Brazilian market. In that case, $ 15 becomes a very smart buy.

(appext 281796108) Evernote in my concept is a digital Moleskine, it allows you to create notes for all sorts of events, be it a work meeting, a to-do list, Evernote will accompany you in your day to day office. And also in personal life. Best of all, it's free and offers cloud storage.

(appext 443131313) When it comes to sketches, sketches, and sketches, Bamboo becomes a great choice, it has a large set of pens that will allow you to let your creativity flow to present your ideas.

(appext 354098826) Another great note-taking app Penultimate, which was acquired by Evernote, becoming the perfect match for that app. Both share the same cloud storage space, making it easy to manage both text and sketch notes.

(appext 506003812) When it comes to professional design, Paper has a leading role. Of course you don't have to be an expert to be able to use it, everyone should download it and test it to give it a use. However, when I speak of professional I refer to the tools he offers, thus being able to achieve a very high quality result, even for the most demanding users, who have an artist's hand.

(appext 327630330) If you work with many work files, catalogs, product photos, and more text documents, photos, and videos, a good recommendation is Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud storage service, it lets you sync a folder from your computer to your iPad, meaning you send all the files you need to work to that folder on your PC or Mac and later you can access them via internet through your tablet.

Ideal for work, Dropbox costs nothing and still offers you free and secure storage, the initial 2GB space, but you can get more free space by referring friends.

(appext 442012681) In business, Skype has become a great way for businesses and professionals to communicate at no cost, or at reduced cost for DDD or DDI calls. Skype for iPad lets you chat by voice, video or chat, all three forms of communication are free, and you can even buy prepaid credit to call conventional phones around the world at reduced rates.

Apps for reading, video viewing and social networking

(appext 364709193) iBooks is a two-in-one application, it allows you to open PDF files that are sent by email, or synchronized by computer, but besides, thanks to iBookstore, which Apple Book Store, you can buy Interesting titles for affordable prices. I talked about the subject of digital books vs. Paper books in Brazil, in fact the prices are very similar, with the advantage of the convenience of buying a book without leaving home and still carry an entire bookshelf with you without adding weight.

It is worth downloading this free application and taking a walk through the virtual showcase, to know new books and if you like, buy them and enrich your culture with good stories.

(appext 358801284) Flipboard has already been highly awarded, it is an app that allows you to create your “social magazine”. Here you add your social network accounts and you can also track content from websites that are part of your editorial. By selecting the topics you are interested in, you are creating your own magazine with content based on your personal taste so that you can read only what interests you.

(appext 544007664) Who doesn't like watching videos on YouTube anyway? Since iOS 6, YouTube is no longer installed on the iPad, so be sure to download it right now for the best experience possible for viewing videos on the internet.

Without this app you will see the videos through Safari, a diminished experience without the possibility of viewing videos in full screen, for example.

(appext 284882215) The king of social networks is also available on the iPad, the Facebook app has already gone through several phases on Apple's tablet. Before it was hated by users, it offered a poor experience and everyone preferred to surf the social network using Safari.

Nowadays Facebook has renewed and reinvented itself, now the experience of using the application is quite complete, I talked about it recently and invite you to read to know more about the application.

(appext 333903271) The Twitter social network still has a legion of fans, I particularly use a lot to get information, follow websites and read news, interesting to use this network to follow the news title and filter what interests me, what is not I want to read.

Check out other apps for using Twitter on iPad:

Image & Video Editing Apps

(appext 377298193) From Apple's hands we present iMovie, the easiest and most fun way to edit your captured videos with the lenses of your iPad, with which you can transform a simple family video into a work of art. It may seem overkill, but the tools created allow even beginners and people who have never worked with video editing to achieve an excellent result.

see to believe.

(appext 439438619) Snapseed is an application that lets you work your photos at no cost, it is free and offers tools for adjusting colors, brightness, applying various types of effects and more so that you can transform a “normal” photo into A professional photo. With it you work with filters, blurring and image adjustments that will greatly improve the quality of your tablet photos.

(app 597830453) I recently talked about Repix, but I want to recommend it one more time. It is a different photo editor, allows you to add some interesting effects to your photos and get great results without much technical knowledge.

Other Apps

(appext 418987775) Would it be so good if the iPad had FM tuner in it? Well, failing that you can download TuneIn for free, an application that offers worldwide radio access via the internet. Believe me, it will be easy to find the radios in your city, the TuneIn radio catalog is one of the biggest I've ever met.

The free app is very functional, but if you really like it you can pay for the full version which includes a special map navigation and other additional functions.

(appext 477147527) Babbel apps are super-complete and help you study the 10-language basic for free, and also offer subscription plans that give you full access to courses. With this app it will be easier to reach the dream dreamed in another language.

I quoted above the English Babbel, but there are also German, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Turkish and Indonesian. To learn more about the app and understand how it helps you be fluent in another language, read:

Final Considerations

Friends, this list is of great help to you who just bought your iPad, who are still looking for good tools to power the tablet. It's a p-tip, a starting point so that from now on you can cultivate a love relationship with your device.

In these three years of iPadTips I've talked to thousands of people, users who have some difficulty to get started with the tablet, but with patience and perseverance, have overcome difficulties and today are enjoying 100% of what only the iPad can offer them.

If you have any app suggestions that should be on this list, please suggest them in the comments. We can extend it to reach more people and collaborate with the investment we all made.

I hope it was a helpful list, big hug, until now.

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